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ROAD2019 Award Winners

Best of Show Quilt

Sponsor: Gammill
Title: Garden Variety Sampler
Maker: Janet Stone
Quilter: Janet Stone
Design Basis: Maker’s Original Design
This quilt is a nod to my love of antique samplers. The layout was loosely inspired by a page from an antique children’s book by Walter Crane from 1878. Color palette was inspired by the beautiful Japanese taupe quilts I admire. This is number 17 in my alphabet quilt series.
Garden Variety Sampler 2019 14288

Marie White Masterpiece Award

Spangled 2019 14252 $7,500
Sponsor: Road to California, Inc.
Title: Spangled
Maker: Gail Stepanek
Quilter: Jan Hutchison
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The use of background fabric in some of the petals softens the look of this dahlia block variation. The swag border and tiny black dots in the sashing are fusible glitter vinyl. Applique was hand done. Jan's original quilting designs add a unique dimension to the quilt.

Outstanding Artistry

Sponsor: Handi Quilter
Title: Maria's Tree
Maker: Linda Anderson
Quilter: Linda Anderson
Design Basis: Photograph
In this village in Oaxaca, Mexico, the traditional dress huipils are decorated with stylized red, geometric trees, a unique design for each of the 4 stages a girl goes through until marriage. Maria's tree is a sprawling, wildly branching sapling, characterizing a child running about and stretching upwards day by day like a fast growing plant.

Outstanding Wall Quilt

Moonlight Sonata 2019 13907 $5,000
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Moonlight Sonata
Maker: Susan Stewart
Quilter: Susan Stewart
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The lacy, watercolor-y flowers were my inspiration. I embroidered them on both white and black Radiance, and joined them with a scalloped, bias lace treatment in a very simple pinwheel. The borders are embroidered with an engraved-looking design, and attached with lace yardage and machine embroidery. The pieces were densely quilted, then joined together and bordered with free-standing lace, which I also embroidered.

Outstanding Large Quilt

Sponsor: Pollard's Sew Creative
Title: Seasons of Life
Maker: Sandra Mollon
Quilter: Kristine Spray
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I was inspired to make a new album quilt, after many years of making traditional Baltimore Album style quilts. It is made mostly of silk fabrics, including silk dupioni, front ant back, with various pieces of hand dyed silk for most of the appliqués. It also has some ribbon trim and cotton trim, eyelash yarn, Ultrasuede, and cotton and silk embroidery floss, with a small amount of ink embellishment and beads.
Seasons of Life 2019 14351

Director's Choice

Sea Breeze 2019 13933 $5,000
Sponsor: Moore's Sewing Center
Title: Sea Breeze
Maker: Joanne Baeth
Quilter: Joanne Baeth
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My family and I salmon fish on the Oregon Coast for two months every summer. I was initially inspired by a wall of hanging buoys that I observed. I hand painted the buoys in bright colors which inspired the vivid colors in the small boats and buildings. The overall scene was inspired by several waterfront settings that I made sketches of. The sky and roofs of the bait shops were painted. Inks, thread painting, and heat distressing were used.

Best Hand Quilting

Sponsor: World of Quilt Travel
Title: Joy Of Spring
Maker: Jackie Perry
Quilter: Jackie Perry
Design Basis: Adult Coloring Book
"Joy of Spring" was inspired by an adult coloring book. With the artist's permission, I created the quilt. It is completely hand quilted and includes hand stippling, ruched flowers and crystals.
Joy Of Spring 2019 13875

Best Longarm Machine Quilting

Summer Christmas 2019 14453 $2,500
Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Summer Christmas
Maker: Mariya Waters
Quilter: Gina Perkes-Tidwell
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
"Inspired by large scale Victorian stencils and the Tudor Rose this quilt was designed to celebrate Christmas in the hot climates of the Southern hemisphere where gardens are in full bloom". As collaborative partnership it has taken 4 years to applique and a year to quilt."

Best Domestic Machine Quilting

Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Dance Of The Twirly Girls
Maker: Andrea Brokenshire
Quilter: Andrea Brokenshire
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This quilt is dedicated to my Aunt Esther And Aunt Helen that left there earthly bounds within a month of each other last winter. I needed to put my sadness somewhere so, I pulled out the fuchsia top that I had painted that previous summer and turned my sadness into joy. These fuchsia blossoms were at least 4-5" long and danced in the wind. While stitching, I thought of my aunties twirling around in a joyous dance. They are the Twirly Girls.
Dance Of The Twirly Girls 2019 14099

Outstanding Modern Quilt

Ohio Snowball 2019 14394 $2,500
Title: Ohio Snowball
Maker: Christine Perrigo
Quilter: Christine Perrigo
Design Basis: Traditional Quilt Blocks
Ohio Snowball was conceived with a blown up flowering snowball block, choosing to emphasize the small square formed between the petals. I wanted to create a secondary pattern and chose the Ohio Star for its easily recognizable nature. Playing with overlapping patterns for my quilting designs they pull from how one might quilt an entire quilt of flowering snowball blocks, as well as repeating both the Ohio Star block and flowering snowball petals.

Best Applique

Sponsor: Fiberworks Inc.
Title: Happy Trails
Maker: Catherine DuCharme
Quilter: Catherine DuCharme
Design Basis: Custom Machine Quilting by Diane Beauchamp
This quilt was designed by Pearl P. Pereira of P3 Designs. I spent 6 months selecting and gathering my fabrics for this quilt. I began preparing the appliqué shapes and stitching in February 2018 and I finished it in August 2018. I was fortunate to attend a retreat where I learned Pearl's Off the Block Appliqué technique. This is the most intricate appliqué quilt I have attempted. I had so much fun. Now iit's time to begin a new project!
Happy Trails 2019 14065

Best Piecing

Aurora 2019 14171 $1,500
Sponsor: APQS
Title: Aurora
Maker: Marilyn Lidstrom Larson
Quilter: Barb Simons of Stoneridge Quilting
Design Basis: Traditional Lone Star Design
My inspiration came from Edyta Sitar's pattern STAR OF BETHLEHEM; in particular the addition of what she called "glow" blocks. My interpretation was to use all batiks and incorporate a pieced border.

Best Group Quilt

Sponsor: Yazzii International Pty Ltd
Title: Star Shower
Maker: Suzanne Irving
Quilter: Suzanne Irving
Design Basis: Designed by Evelyn George
I'm a board member of Quilt For a Cause, a Tucson, Arizona based 501c3 organization that raises funds to help in the fight against breast and gynecologic cancer. "Star Shower" is a pattern sample for one of our patterns, "Constellation Stars". It was designed exclusively for QFaC by fellow board member, Evelyn George, and pieced by the Piecepatchers Bee. The Big Dipper is represented by the seven large stars. See for info.
Star Shower 2019 13893

Best Use of Color

Marie $1,000
Sponsor: Carriage Country Quilts
Title: Marie's Treasure
Maker: Marilyn Badger
Quilter: Marilyn Badger
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My favorite Aunt Marie crocheted doilies like nobody else. She was the sweetest lady in my world. When I saw this hand-dyed doily in my friend, Wendy Richardson's booth I knew I had to make this quilt in her honor. Add some beautiful fabric by another friend, Paula Nadelstern, lots of embroidery, beads and crystals, and Marie's Treasure was born.

Most Humorous Quilt

Sponsor: BlocLoc Rulers - USAUS INC
Title: From Rags to Stitches
Maker: Flora Joy
Quilter: Flora Joy
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Twelve separate, free-standing curvy blocks have been sewn (at their top borders) to a separate base quilt. Viewers can lift each Dutch Doll/Sunbonnet Sue to read that block’s unusual (true) story and glean numerous tips for making their own similar blocks. I slept under a Dutch doll quilt during my entire childhood, and this quilt is metaphorically my “fabric autobiography.” Each doll reflects a different time in my sewing/quilting life.
From Rags to Stitches 2019 14104

Judges Choice - Linda Taylor

Guns N $1,000
Sponsor: Sew Cherished
Title: Guns N' Roses
Maker: Karen Brandt
Quilter: Karen McTavish
Design Basis: P-3 Design pattern
Baltimore with a Texas twist. What fun!

Judges Choice - David Taylor

Title: Happy Easter
Quilter: AKI SAKAI
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I like miniature quilts very much. I like to make seasonal quilts. This is my first Easter quilt.
Happy Easter 2019 14084

Judges Choice - Kimberly Einmo

Pear Drops 2019 14294 $1,000
Title: Pear Drops
Maker: Cheryl Kerestes
Quilter: Cheryl Kerestes
Design Basis: Maker’s Original Design
This is my own original design, inspired by a love of flower gardening, appliqué, machine quilting and embroidery.

1st Place: Fantasy

Sponsor: Pfaff
Title: Kaleidoscope Trees
Maker: Judith Phelps
Quilter: Judith Phelps
Design Basis: original
This quilt was inspired from a sentence in the book: All the Light We Cannot See. Marie-Laure lost her eye sight at the age of 6 but in her imagination and dreams everything has color. Trees in her imagination are shimmering kaleidoscopes full of light. The quilt is three layers, a completely thread painted two sided quilt. It is an original design.
Kaleidoscope Trees 2019 14421

1st Place: Abstract

Carnival 2019 14229 $1,000
Sponsor: Quilters Dream Batting
Title: Carnival
Maker: Beth Nufer
Quilter: Clem Buzick
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I wanted to make a modern quilt with a 3-D effect. I used silk fabric with a gradated background fabric in cotton. It was a fun quilt to make!!

1st Place: Animal

Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: Tickled Pink
Maker: Debra Crine
Quilter: Debra Crine
Design Basis: Photograph by Mark Mitter
Inspired by photograph by Mark Mitter.
Tickled Pink 2019 14074

1st Place: Human Image

Captivated by Nature 2019 14395 $1,000
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Captivated by Nature
Maker: Olga Gonzalez Angulo
Quilter: Olga Gonzalez Angulo
Design Basis: Maker's Personal Photograph
It is a work that wants to get to the observation of the different elements if nature, working only with blank and white, and only one way, circles and three different measures. With a few simple elements coming to create a complex whole, forming a wall of tiles.

1st Place: Applique Large

Sponsor: Primitive Gatherings
Title: ABC Frippery
Maker: Janet Stone
Quilter: Janet Stone
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspired by antique pieces of jewelry, the background is velveteen, and hand dyed by my friend, Gilbert Muniz. Because of my love for sheep, which are often featured in my quilts, my husband insisted this one also have a sheep. There’s one in there! An original design, this in the 18th quilt in my ongoing alphabet series.
ABC Frippery 2019 14324

1st Place: Mixed Large

Blueberry Hill 2019 14047 $1,000
Sponsor: ABM International, Inc. / Innova
Title: Blueberry Hill
Maker: Nancy Arseneault
Quilter: Nancy Arseneault
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My favorite quilts contain applique and piecing. I adapted an online pattern called Diamond Hill by Australian designer Esther Aliu. The cheddar and periwinkle color scheme was inspired by a Kleenex box! Machine piecing, Seminole piecing, invisible machine appliqué, machine embroidery. Inserted rick rack and a double piped binding. This is the first quilt I quilted on my stand up Innova machine.

1st Place: Other Large

Sponsor: Pineapple Fabrics
Title: Heirloom Romance
Maker: Catherine DuCharme
Quilter: Catherine DuCharme
Design Basis: Custom Machine Quilting by Diane Beauchamp
This quilt was designed by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio. I had a wonderful time selecting the fabrics, embroidering the vintage beaded purses, and personalizing the crazy quilt setting blocks. I love the finished quilt and I hope that you enjoy it too!
Heirloom Romance 2019 14057

1st Place: Mixed Wall

My Secret Garden 2019 14418 $1,000
Sponsor: SewBatik
Title: My Secret Garden
Maker: margaret solomon gunn
Quilter: margaret solomon gunn
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Peer through the large wrought iron gate. My secret garden blooms all year long, producing fragrant flowers in my favorite shades. These pink and orange blooms create a playground for the many whimsical butterflies. Join me in my land of perpetual summer. Original design, commercial cottons & silks, hand applique, hand-guided long arm quilting.

1st Place: Pieced Large

Title: Spin Cycle
Maker: Valli Schiller
Quilter: Valli Schiller
Design Basis: Maker's Original Layout of B. Cline's Basic Triangle Block
Castoff men's shirts (and - whoops - my husband's "second favorite" dress shirt) upcycled into a laundry day constellation of stars.
Spin Cycle 2019 14202

1st Place: Miniature

Hibiscus Bouquet 2019 14066 $1,000
Sponsor: Custom Creations
Title: Hibiscus Bouquet
Maker: Naomi Iida
Quilter: Naomi Iida
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This miniature quilt was inspired by my previous regular size quilt. However different methods and/or techniques were applied. I wanted to express color gradation and to realize three dimensional flowers, hibiscus bouquet.

1st Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: In Full Bloom
Maker: Claudia Pfeil
Quilter: Claudia Pfeil
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Everything is "In Full Bloom", a magic hidden garden! A special moment when you relax and enjoy the peace and nature! rnHand dyed and solid silks and satin, free cutting, hand applique, couching. Embellished with 12 000 Swarovski Crystalsrnrn
In Full Bloom 2019 14386

1st Place: Pictorial

Spring on Castle Mountain 2019 14234 $1,000
Sponsor: Creative Grids, USA
Title: Spring on Castle Mountain
Maker: Judy Leslie
Quilter: Judy Leslie
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
A few years ago, a friend was hiking Castle Mountain near Osoyoos when she happened upon a band of mountain goats. She was able to quickly photograph this grouping of animals shedding their winter coats and caring for a newborn. My friend will definitely love this portrayal of her experience.

1st Place: Applique Wall

Title: Round the Garden
Maker: Helen Anderson
Quilter: Diane Beauchamp
Design Basis: Round the Garden, Pattern by Wendy Williams
This pattern was design for wool appliqué, however, I did a traditional turn dedge appliqué using bright cotton prints. It is also enhanced with lots of embroidery and hundreds of colonial/french knots.
Round the Garden 2019 14468

1st Place: Other Wall

Small Happy Crazy Quilt 2019 14083 $1,000
Sponsor: Janome
Title: Small Happy Crazy Quilt
Quilter: AKI SAKAI
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I like small and cute things very much. The designs are based on my favorite things and family's memories.

1st Place: Pieced Wall

Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: California Star
Maker: Cindy Stohn
Quilter: Cindy Stohn
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I designed this quilt to honor the works of the weavers and quilt-makers before me. Influenced by geometry and the symmetry prevalent in traditional weavings Original design, hand guided machine quilting with overlapping squares and arrows
California Star 2019 14115

2nd Place: Fantasy

Bringing Down the House 2019 14073 $750
Sponsor: Pfaff
Title: Bringing Down the House
Maker: Jan Hutchison
Quilter: Jan Hutchison
Design Basis: Maker's Original Drawing
After finding a drawing of musical witches I did while I was in high school, I decided it would make a fun quilt. It was fun choosing their outfits and designing a background and border for them! I used Inktense pencils to add detail and shading. Quilted freehand on an Innova Longarm machine.

2nd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Quilters Dream Batting
Title: Alpine Meadow
Maker: Cynthia Vogt
Quilter: Cynthia Vogt
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspiration for this original design are the fields of fragile flowers breaking through the snow high above the tree line in the Rocky Mountains. Fourteen thousand pieces of assorted silks and silk sari ribbon represent countless tiny bits of nourishment for the families of elk that roam these meadows.
Alpine Meadow 2019 14155

2nd Place: Animal

Sisters, Best Friends 2019 14352 $750
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: Sisters, Best Friends
Maker: Sandra Mollon
Quilter: Sandra Mollon
Design Basis: Derived from a Photograph by Deb Simon
This raw edge fused quilt was inspired by a photograph by Deb Simon of two asian elephants. They seemed to have great affection for each other, reminding me of the closeness of my sisters. It is made from commercial cottons and batik fabrics, and is enhanced with ink and oil pastels. It is free motion machine quilted.

2nd Place: Human Image

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Velvet Flowers
Maker: Linda Anderson
Quilter: Linda Anderson
Design Basis: Photograph
In the quiet village of Santa Rosa in Oaxaca, Mexico, all the women, and some of the men, embroider blouses and skirts of velvet with hand-stitched flowers. The gather around tables, chatting back and forth as they create a style of dress also worn by Frida Kahlo. Flowers continue today to dance across the rich clothing on the solid women of this land.
Velvet Flowers 2019 14086

2nd Place: Applique Large

Flower Festival 2019 14470 $750
Sponsor: Primitive Gatherings
Title: Flower Festival
Maker: Sachiko Chiba
Quilter: Sachiko Chiba
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I want to make quilts that I can satisfy without compromising. I rewrote my design over and over again. I wanted express the beauty of flowers, therefore I chose the clothes carefully. I hope to continue making flower quilts.

2nd Place: Mixed Wall

Sponsor: SewBatik
Title: Painted Magnolia
Maker: Catherine Butterworth
Quilter: Catherine Butterworth
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
While traveling in the USA I saw an exhibition of historic American woven coverlets. On display was “A Handweaver’s Source Book” c1950. One graph in particular caught my eye and was the inspiration for this quilt. I adapted part of the original two toned graph into this quilt, ‘painting it’ with some of my favourite colours. I added a few circles just for fun.
Painted Magnolia 2019 14161

2nd Place: Mixed Large

Oh Be Joyful! 2019 13956 $750
Sponsor: ABM International, Inc. / Innova
Title: Oh Be Joyful!
Maker: Cindy Seitz-Krug
Quilter: Cindy Seitz-Krug
Design Basis: Maker's Orignial Design
The idea for this quilt started with the redwood colored Cherrywood fabric used for the background. When choosing the other fabrics, I simply picked bright and cheerful colors that seemed to sparkle. The quilt consists of many different quilting techniques, including hand and machine applique (including over 1400 hand appliqued clamshells), machine piecing, and domestic machine quilting.

2nd Place: Other Large

Sponsor: Pineapple Fabrics
Title: Lessons in Botany & Entomology
Maker: Ann Horton
Quilter: Ann Horton
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Flowers, fruits, and the incredible array of insects that make up our world inspired this colorful array. Old botanical prints fascinate me and the idea of scientific explorations contributed to the quilt images. Improv piecing of curves and setting helped me play with my 40 year stash of fabrics. In the final border I fell in love with the science of names.
Lessons in Botany & Entomology 2019 14045

2nd Place: Pieced Large

Navajo Ruby 2019 14169 $750
Sponsor: Freedom Star United LLC
Title: Navajo Ruby
Maker: Cindy Stohn
Quilter: Cindy Stohn
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Influenced by the geometry and symmetry prevalent in traditional weavings, my intent is to honor both the weavers and quilt-makers before me, and along side me, who teach and influence me to create and continue to perpetuate the art that I love. My design is machine pieced and free motion quilted with the intent to replicate woven patterns and to add subtle design, texture and additional patterning.

2nd Place: Miniature

Sponsor: Cozy Creative Center
Title: Tight Pineapple
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: Traditional Design
This quilt was inspired by an 1880-1900 era pineapple quilt. Each block measured 1 7/8" and has 77 pieces. It was foundation pieced and then quilted in the ditch. There are 2,772 pieces.
Tight Pineapple 2019 14140

2nd Place: Naturescape

Sunset at Camel Rock 2019 13959 $750
Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Sunset at Camel Rock
Maker: Angie Tustison
Quilter: Angie Tustison
Design Basis: Maker's Orignial Design
This quilt is based on a photo I took of my husband walking down the trail to the beach at Camel Rock, Northern California. We caught the most beautiful sunset, which I tried to capture with layers of cotton fabric, polyester sparkly netting, tulle, safety reflective material and polyester organza. This quilt reminds me of the things I'm most thankful for, my wonderful husband and beautiful home.

2nd Place: Pictorial

Sponsor: Creative Grids, USA
Title: Mont St. Michel Memories
Maker: Linda Schmidt
Quilter: Linda Schmidt
Design Basis: Maker's Personal Photograph
Off the coast of Normandy is this magical island, topped by a cathedral built in the 8th century, where the tide race is 45 feet or so twice each day. You have to take a causeway to get there, and it is surrounded by quicksand pools and dangerous waters, which is why Aaron Elkins wrote a mystery with this as his murder site. If you haven't been there, you should go, and have a Bavarian waffle or Crepe Suzette while you're there!
Mont St. Michel Memories 2019 14333

2nd Place: Applique Wall

For Love of Ornament 2019 13895 $750
Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: For Love of Ornament
Maker: Zena Thorpe
Quilter: Zena Thorpe
Design Basis: Ornamentation Sampler
The quilt was inspired Owen Jones' design classic "The Grammar of Ornament" which he published in 1856. Owen Jones collected thousands of examples of ornamentation from all over the world.I have adapted for applique a very small sampling of those designs.

2nd Place: Other Wall

Sponsor: Janome
Title: Pieces of the Past
Maker: Catherine DuCharme
Quilter: Catherine DuCharme
Design Basis: Custom Machine Quilting by Diane Beauchamp
I have always admired vintage china so when I saw this pattern by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio, I knew that I had to make it! This was the first time that I had ever made crazy quilt blocks and I used the foundation paper piecing technique. I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and I finished it over a five-month period.
Pieces of the Past 2019 14058

2nd Place: Pieced Wall

Cranberry Bounce 2019 14101 $750
Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Cranberry Bounce
Maker: Ann L. Petersen
Quilter: Ann L. Petersen
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I used a traditional block and red, gray and white color scheme and adapted it to my original setting from my quilt Fine Feathered Fancy. This is a Christmas quilt - there are cardinals, reindeer, holly, mistletoe and ornaments in fabric prints.

Judging Floor Staff Favorite

Title: Music
Maker: Kathy McNeil
Quilter: Kathy McNeil
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Words often fail but Music always delivers the emotions of life. This quilt is my visual trbute to Muscial shapes, sounds and movement.
Music 2019 13885

3rd Place: Fantasy

Night Trawlers 2019 14105 $500
Sponsor: Pfaff
Title: Night Trawlers
Maker: Flora Joy
Quilter: Flora Joy
Design Basis: An Art Piece (used with artist's written permission)
This quilt is based on a painting by Robert Steven Connett (used with his written permission). Its educational/artistic purpose is to entice students to further explore the science, language, and art curriculum skills. Unique stitching techniques include “variable stacked trapunto” and scalloped/buttoned borders that are enhanced by 18 removable dangling curriculum cards.

3rd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Quilters Dream Batting
Title: 2 Degrees Celsius
Maker: Stephanie Ruyle and the members of Bee Sewcial (Leanne Chahley, Karen Foster, Felicity Ronaghan,
Quilter: Christine Perrigo
Design Basis: Original Improv Design based on a prompt about climate change
Using the collective power of creation and cloth, each member of Bee Sewcial harnessed the power of the vibrating undercurrents of climate change and a "winter" palette to create and improv pieced block that was curated into a cohesive story. The piecing is off-set by the rhythmic quilting reminiscent of water and tides. Strategically placed areas of hand quilting draw the viewer in and ask them to consider the quilt on yet another level.
2 Degrees Celsius 2019 14148

3rd Place: Animal

Technicolor Dream Parrot 2019 14400 $500
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: Technicolor Dream Parrot
Maker: Roxanne Nelson
Quilter: Roxanne Nelson
Design Basis: Susan Carlson Workshop, Creative Commons
I love the intense colors and the expression of this Amazon parrot. It seems to say Can we talk? Every color in my fabric stash had an opportunity to come out and play, a quilter’s Technicolor Dream. The term Technicolor refers to the layering of colors to obtain a bright, intense result. I combined glue and fused, raw edge applique I layer multiple fabrics to achieve subtle color. Each piece is individually stitched to add texture and dimension.

3rd Place: Human Image

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Drenched
Maker: Jo Baner
Quilter: Jo Baner
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This quilt was a study in translucent light. It was inspired by a photo taken in the MOMA rain room in New York. Used with permission. I was delighted when I was able to recreate the highlights of the human form standing in a drenching rain.
Drenched 2019 14370

3rd Place: Applique Large

Espalier 2019 13930 $500
Sponsor: Primitive Gatherings
Title: Espalier
Maker: Joann Webb
Quilter: Joann Webb
Design Basis: Applique
This quilt began with a desire to use trained or "espalier" fruit trees as on point settings for each of the appliqued birds that are common in the midwest where I live. The fabrics used have natural texture and soft stripes which allow me to create birds as realistic as possible without using paint or ink. This particular tree formation is called a Portugese Fence.

3rd Place: Mixed Large

Sponsor: ABM International, Inc. / Innova
Title: Square Dance
Maker: Barbara Clem
Quilter: Barbara Clem
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This project began as an experiment with different ways to make scallops. I began folding and cutting freezer paper-each time I unfolded my freezer paper it was a neat design-which set side by side made a nice 'star' frame & I was delighted. Adding the rope border further enhanced the design. I chose to make my squares dance by adding trapuntoed channels. She is hand applique & reverse applique, machine pieced and hand quilted.
Square Dance 2019 13937

3rd Place: Other Large

Rose Parade II 2019 14165 $500
Sponsor: Pineapple Fabrics
Title: Rose Parade II
Maker: Linda Thielfoldt
Quilter: Linda Thielfoldt
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
A red wholecloth has been on my bucket list for many years and I'm happy to finally check it off. My original designed roses and feather quilting patterns provided the inspiration for this wholecloth layout. Freehand background quilting sets them off.

3rd Place: Pieced Large

Sponsor: Cheri's Crystals
Title: Ode to Jinny
Maker: Kathleen Littfin
Quilter: Kathleen Littfin
Design Basis: Photo of a quilt by Elizabeth Swan
This quilt was inspired by some beautiful Jinny Beyer fabric I purchased several years ago. I first started quilting in 1984 after seeing Jinny Beyer’s Ray of Light Quilt. Her quilts, books, and fabrics have been a joy to me, and I decided to name this quilt in her honor since I used her beautiful Williamsburg fabric and her soft-edged piecing technique. It is hand pieced, hand quilted, and hand trapuntoed.
Ode to Jinny 2019 13901

3rd Place: Miniature

Peony Mandala 2019 14302 $500
Sponsor: Morgan Quality Products & JD Stencils
Title: Peony Mandala
Maker: Kumiko Frydl
Quilter: Kumiko Frydl
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Since ancient times peony has been popular in Japan admired as a flower and used as design element in family crests. I combined peony patterns in a mandala form and arranged the arabesque pattern around them.

3rd Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Roots and Branches
Maker: Christina McCann
Quilter: Christina McCann
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Trees have always been an important part of my life. I yearn for the silence of a walk in the woods and the intrigue when coming across an old building. This quilt was improvisational piecing with a vague idea in my head.
Roots and Branches 2019 14078

3rd Place: Pictorial

Artistic License 2019 13886 $500
Sponsor: Creative Grids, USA
Title: Artistic License
Maker: Kathy McNeil
Quilter: Kathy McNeil
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
An intriguing look into the eye of an artist. Inspired by a vist to Colmar, France.

3rd Place: Applique Wall

Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Nearly a 9 Patch
Maker: Laura Welklin
Quilter: Laura Welklin
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This original design combines my two favorite types of applique: turned edge invisible machine applique using Monopoly thread and raw edge fused blanket stitch applique with Kimono silk thread. This quilt was stitched and quilted on my 25 year old Bernina.
Nearly a 9 Patch 2019 14183

3rd Place: Other Wall

Song of Summer 2019 14112 $500
Sponsor: Janome
Title: Song of Summer
Maker: Bethanne Nemesh
Quilter: Bethanne Nemesh
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspired by the Buddhist zen gardens of my childhood in Japan, this silk whole cloth features original flora and fauna, and Japanese inspired free motion background fills. The elaborate beading treatment is created with individually made gradation bead scallops accented with tiny seed beads.

3rd Place: Pieced Wall

Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Starburst
Maker: Peggy Marquardt
Quilter: Peggy Marquardt
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Starburst was created from the Classic LeMoyne Star block. It is my original design created to reflect a more modern spin on the classic block.
Starburst 2019 14242

3rd Place: Mixed Wall

FLYING THOUGHTS 2019 14323 $500
Sponsor: SewBatik
Maker: Antonia Hering
Quilter: Antonia Hering
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Flying home from Paducah to the Netherlands I started to draw. Inspired by the stars i decided to make a star with 10 points. That was not an easy task. Besides that I wanted to challenge myself to make a lot of tiny points. Not easy either. But together with the fabric of the star and just 1 dark brown fabric with all kinds of flowers it worked very well.