Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase 2025
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ROAD2020 Award Winners

Best of Show Quilt

Sponsor: Gammill
Title: Christmas in St. Andrews
Maker: Marilyn Badger
Quilter: Marilyn Badger
Design Basis: Claudia Clark Myers
Claudia challenged me to make this design using the plaid fabric she had. It definitely was a challenge making all those seams match up and I eventually used 6 yards by the time I fussy cut everything. It was a joy to work on though and I especially liked adding all the details after quilting.
Christmas in St. Andrews 2020 14791

Marie White Masterpiece Award

Crazy Four Ewe 2020 14847 $7,500
Sponsor: Road to California, Inc.
Title: Crazy Four Ewe
Maker: Janet Stone
Quilter: Janet Stone
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This quilt was inspired by crazy quilts, wool applique, and my love of the alphabet. Instead of wool for the applique, I used flannel fabrics. By appliqueing and quilting the blocks first, and then appliqueing them to the background, I was able to quilt a different different design behind each block, making it a 2-sided quilt. And there really are four ewes in there!

Outstanding Artistry

Sponsor: Handi Quilter
Title: Missouri Barn
Maker: LeAnn Hileman
Quilter: LeAnn Hileman
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Missouri Barn developed from a photograph I took outside of Hamilton, Missouri. This homesite was obviously once prosperous with a large farmhouse and barns, all seemingly now abandoned. I became intrigued, some might say obsessed, with wondering what the story was behind the barn and its fellows. All of that curiosity went into choosing all the different fabrics in the boards of the barn - representing all the complexity of how life unfolds.
Missouri Barn 2020 14754

Outstanding Wall Quilt

The Value of Violet 2020 14859 $5,000
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: The Value of Violet
Maker: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Quilter: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
All my life I have had a love affair with the color purple -- lavender, fuchsia, them all. This quilt explores creating depth, texture and design with just one color. It features turned-edge hand applique, embroidery, hand-guided longarm quilting and a scalloped edge created on the longarm.

Outstanding Large Quilt

Sponsor: Pollard's Sew Creative
Maker: Molly Hamilton-McNally
Quilter: Molly Hamilton-McNally
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Although it is often said that butterflies do not fly at night, these butterflies could not resist the lure of the soft glow of the moonlight. As they frolic in a beautiful garden. Later, they will return to spend the last nighttime hours safely tucked in the crevices of a nearby rock or underneath a fallen leaf. Take a moment to enjoy the natural beauty of these gentle creatures as represented in the art of quilting.

Director's Choice

Boogie Brass Band 2020 14768 $5,000
Sponsor: Moore's Sewing Center
Title: Boogie Brass Band
Maker: Sharon Casey
Quilter: Sharon Casey
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
"Boogie Brass Band" owes its creation to the big band music my parents played when I was a kid. I also loved marching bands! What a thrill it is when the light gleams off the trumpets, trombones and sousaphones as they break from strict formation and sway into full-tilt boogie-woogie. This quilt merges the two passions of my life - music and art.

Best Hand Quilting

Sponsor: World of Quilt Travel
Title: Summertime
Maker: Elsie Campbell
Quilter: Elsie Campbell
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Quilting with bright warm colors and the soft blue of summer skies helped keep me cheerful during long, cold winter days. Completely constructed, appliquéd and quilted by hand over a period of 10 years. Even the binding is applied with hand stitches.
Summertime 2020 14518

Best Longarm Machine Quilting

Finding Light In The Darkness 2020 14531 $2,500
Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Finding Light In The Darkness
Maker: Teri Cherne
Quilter: Teri Cherne
Design Basis: Stars
Being a two time Cancer survivor, there were many times I had to look within to find the light. The use of metallic threads allows the quilt will shine bright in the light. I used Wonderfil’s Dazzle 8wt thread for all the hand couching to add more color and shimmer.

Best Domestic Machine Quilting

Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Starburst
Maker: Susan Stewart
Quilter: Susan Stewart
Design Basis: Machine Embroidery: Zundt Designs and Emblibrary
This quilt was inspired by two packs of Cherrywood hand-dyed fabric, which formed the central star. This was appliqued on a background of light blue silk-cotton Radiance fabric. I added machine embroidery, heirloom lace insertion, and lots of detailed quilting, along with a machine-embroidered lace border. I named it "Starburst" because the juicy colors reminded me of the candy!
Starburst 2020 14514

Outstanding Modern Quilt

Lateral Ascension 2020 14898 $2,500
Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Lateral Ascension
Maker: Cassandra Beaver
Quilter: Cassandra Beaver
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
While drafting a front elevation of a spiral staircase for a theatre set, I was struck by the elegance of the roughed in shape. The simple horizontal lines draw the eye sideways and upward at the same time. The piecing of the quilt creates what would be the treads of a staircase and the quilting stitches emphasize the horizontal lines, while the two color background creates a strong vertical.

Best Applique

Sponsor: Fiberworks Inc.
Title: Balam (Jaguar)
Maker: Georgia Spalding Pierce
Quilter: Georgia Spalding Pierce
Design Basis: The Center Panel is based on a Drawing by Linda Schele (SD-171)
I am intrigued by the art of ancient societies. This if the fourth in a series of quilts exploring the art of various cultures. This quilt represents Mayan hieroglyphs surrounding a central panel with Jaguar shield based on a carved panel at the Palenque site. Needle turned hand applique and embroidery. The colors used are consistent with those on existing Mayan wall paintings. Freehand quilted on my longarm.
Balam (Jaguar) 2020 14671

Best Piecing

Farm Market Blooms 2020 14896 $1,500
Sponsor: Hannah's Quilts
Title: Farm Market Blooms
Maker: Nancy Simmons
Quilter: Nancy Simmons
Design Basis: Flower Box Pattern by Edyta Sitar
I especially love antique quilts originating from diamonds. The Lonestar being a favorite. And I love precision piecing...the smaller, the better. The possibilities are endless!

Best Group Quilt

Sponsor: Yazzii International Pty Ltd
Title: Broken Shell Beach
Maker: Suzanne Kistler, Alice Chitwood, Barbara Daniel, Kristin Eilers, DeAnn Farris, Barbara Sawyer, S
Quilter: Suzanne Kistler, Alice Chitwood, Barbara Daniel, Kristin Eilers,
Design Basis: Based on a Photograph by Suzanne Kistler
Each year our Art Quilt Group, Sew Eclectic, issues a challenge to our members. In 2018, we chose Suzanne's photo of broken shells. The enlarged image was cut into 12 pieces, with most members taking one. Suzanne and Debbie each took two. We were to use our favorite techniques to reproduce our little section of the whole. Because of size issues, display was a challenge. When a friend suggested the fishing net, it was the perfect solution!
Broken Shell Beach 2020 14779

Best Use of Color

Carolinas 2020 14586 $1,000
Sponsor: Carriage Country Quilts
Title: Carolinas
Maker: Terry Sargent Peart
Quilter: Terry Sargent Peart
Design Basis: Maker's Original Sketches
Each block was inspired by a sketch I made of the things we enjoyed while my husband and I were on vacation in the Carolinas. The sketches were simplified and rendered into quilt blocks. The colors are the colors I saw of the sky, the sea, foliage, flowers and the beautiful surroundings.

Most Humorous Quilt

Sponsor: BlocLoc Rulers - USAUS INC
Title: A Tale of The Salem Witches Quilt Guild - Those Pesky Goblins!
Maker: Kathryn Bernstein and Cindy Brauntmann (Embroidery)
Quilter: Susan Corbett
Design Basis: Original Setting Design and Goblin Drawings by Kathryn Bernstein
My beloved quilt group, the YaYas, support me when I get crazy design ideas so this quilt reminds me of the YaYas and our witchy ways. I always imagine that goblins will magically finish my quilts while I snack and chat with my buds so I included them on this quilt and wrote a limerick for them on the label in hopes that they will visit my studio while I sleep! The YaYa motto magically appeared on the class board "Completion Trumps Perfection!"
A Tale of The Salem Witches Quilt Guild - Those Pesky Goblins! 2020 14520

Judges Choice - John Flynn

Blue Windows 2020 14489 $1,000
Title: Blue Windows
Maker: Jennifer Emry
Quilter: Jennifer Emry
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
A color and value study using blue fabrics in squares.

Judges Choice - Pepper Cory

Sponsor: Sew Cherished
Title: Away
Maker: Karen K Stone
Quilter: Karen K Stone
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
A trip to Japan with dear friends renewed my heart in many ways. Beauty surrounded us, quilts inspired us, people treated us kindly, and my quilt serves as a reminder of our fun, and our abiding friendships.
Away 2020 14827

Judges Choice - Pat Harrison

Arches 2020 14829 $1,000
Sponsor: Superior Threads
Title: Arches
Maker: Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Quilter: Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The inspiration for this quilt came from photos we took in 2016 in the Baptistery of St. John in Pisa, Italy (Battistero di San Giovanni: started in 1152). Rather than trying to reproduce the photo in fabric, I created an abstract composition that captures the feeling one has inside the building, looking up at the lofty arches with the light streaming in.

1st Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Quilters Dream Batting
Title: Bricks ´n Gears
Maker: Claudia Pfeil
Quilter: Claudia Pfeil
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
In my imagination old used gears and wheels are piled along a wall of Bricks - an abstract still-life of technical relicts.Made out of Dupioni silks , using silk organza and embellished with 20,000 Swarovski Crystals.
Bricks ´n Gears 2020 14762

1st Place: Animal

On Thin Ice 2020 14588 $1,000
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: On Thin Ice
Maker: Debra Crine
Quilter: Debra Crine
Design Basis: Photograph
I chose to name this quilt On Thin Ice to help highlight the decreasing population of this beautiful bear. I hope that it brings awareness to climate change and to the increasing pollution of our waters.

1st Place: Human Image

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Untitled
Maker: Lynn Czaban
Quilter: Lynn Czaban
Design Basis: Copyright Free Photograph from Library of Congress
This 1936 photograph by Arthur Rothstein, a photographer for the Farm Securities Administration depicts a Laborer at the Chopawamsic Recreational Project in Virginia.
Untitled 2020 14809

1st Place: Applique Large

Promised Season 2020 14666 $1,000
Sponsor: Daylight Company
Title: Promised Season
Maker: Sachiko Chiba
Quilter: Sachiko Chiba
Design Basis: Maker`s Original Design
This is entirely made by my original design. I always spend a lot of time designing and composition when i make new quilts. I`m focused on choosing what each flower look realistic. I made this quilt beautiully, hoping to see my dear friends of mine live in America again.

1st Place: Mixed Large

Sponsor: Necchi
Title: Pandemonium
Maker: Susan Minchow
Quilter: Kris Vierra
Design Basis: Kim Mclean
I have always loved Kim McLean's patterns and applique is my favorite technique! Kris Vierra finished this quilt off with her amazing quilting!
Pandemonium 2020 14943

1st Place: Other Large

Love to Embroider 2020 14788 $1,000
Sponsor: Pineapple Fabrics
Title: Love to Embroider
Maker: Linda Vaughan
Quilter: Amy McGrew
Design Basis: Pattern by Dottie Kruger
Using the pattern by Dottie Kruger I challenged myself to create flowers using many different stitches rather than the back stitch and lazy daisy stitches the pattern called for.

1st Place: Mixed Wall

Sponsor: SewBatik
Title: 15 warthogs
Maker: Marilyn Smith
Quilter: Marilyn Smith
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I made a small warthogs quilt for a challenge and loved it so much that I decided to make a larger quilt
15 warthogs 2020 14508

1st Place: Pieced Large

Starcrazy 2020 14587 $1,000
Sponsor: Pfaff
Title: Starcrazy
Maker: Catherine Butterworth
Quilter: Catherine Butterworth
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
In quilt making I purposely chose prints for their visual texture. I add embellishments for extra detail, and then the quilting which gives the quilt it’s unique personally. With Starcrazy I used what I call quilted trapunto. This is where elements of the stars are quilted and then padded before the quilt is sandwiched. This technique provides added interest with its dimensional surface texture

1st Place: Miniature

Sponsor: Custom Creations
Title: The Witching Hour 2
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: Inspired by Traditional Design
This quilt was inspired by a 1900s era log cabin quilt from the collection of Marjorie Childress. The embroidered X's in the centers of the blocks are a tribute to log cabin quilts of that era, which were often tied instead of quilted. This quilt was foundation pieced on a 1947 Singer Featherweight and then quilted in the ditch on a Bernina. There are 2,310 pieces.
The Witching Hour 2 2020 14719

1st Place: Naturescape

Acadia $1,000
Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Acadia's Own: Cobblestone Bridge
Maker: Barbara Binotto
Quilter: Barbara Binotto
Design Basis: Original Photo by Maker
This piece is my rendition in fabric and thread of this iconic bridge in its natural surroundings in Maine's Acadia National Park. Intricate free motion thread painting highlights the delicate nature of the foliage while batting provides the texture and flow of water tumbling over and around the rocks during spring snow melt and runoff. This park is both a photographer's and quilter's endless source of inspiration.

1st Place: Pictorial

Sponsor: Electric Quilt Company
Title: Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Maker: Sheila Gaquin
Quilter: Sheila Gaquin
Design Basis: Drawing by Sheila Gaquin
My community's rural post office--the center of community--was slated for closure by the US Postal Service. The tiny community of Deer Harbor, with just 350 folks, raised $250,000 in 8 weeks to buy the post office building and convince the USPS to keep the post office open. To celebrate that community success, I made Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered 2020 14965

1st Place: Applique Wall

Train To Nowhere 2020 14632 $1,000
Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Train To Nowhere
Maker: Cheryl See
Quilter: Cheryl See
Design Basis: Hawaiian
My goal was to make a Hawaiian style quilt that was less traditional and innovative in design. The town center is surrounded by buildings and then a circular train track and train stations. As I progressed, the North, South, East, and West of the quilt became my personal NSEW and I included signs of every city I have lived in and every house number as well as my workplace. The four larger houses represent houses I have lived in.

1st Place: Other Wall

Sponsor: Janome
Title: Ruler Play
Maker: Inger Blood
Quilter: Inger Blood
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This whole cloth design was derived from its heavy quilting. It was quilted in a center medallion motif which radiates outward. Rulers were used for the main design outlay. Free motion quilting was used for the fill designs including crosshatch, leaves, circles, and outlined edges. The outside border design continues around the piece and displays a scalloped edge. The outside edge is embellished with beading that interlock in a crisscross design.
Ruler Play 2020 14692

1st Place: Pieced Wall

Pure Velvet 2020 14720 $1,000
Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Pure Velvet
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Each 1.5" block in this quilt has 49 pieces for a total of 21,609 pieces. The quilt was foundation pieced on a 1947 Singer Featherweight and then quilted in the ditch on a Bernina. There are silks, silk blends, polyesters, velvets, linen blends, and cottons in this quilt.

2nd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Quilters Dream Batting
Title: Brush Strokes
Maker: Jennifer Emry
Quilter: Jennifer Emry
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This is a simple composition of reds, pinks, greys, and directional fabrics that suggests brush strokes of paint on canvas. Quilted spiral circles add a layer of interest.
Brush Strokes 2020 14641

2nd Place: Animal

If Only 2020 14670 $750
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: If Only
Maker: Diana Bicknell
Quilter: Diana Bicknell
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I've become more aware in recent years of the problems facing endangered animals. "If Only" is a tribute to all of the people, researchers, & volunteers around the world who work so hard protecting our animals. "If Only" it was as easy as drawing a picture to bring them to life...Sketched and painted with inks, appliqued, thread painted and quilted on a domestic machine. It was a joy to see it come to life.

2nd Place: Human Image

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Pensive Pause
Maker: Linda Anderson
Quilter: Linda Anderson
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Traveling in India, our senses were alive with color, tastes, sounds and smells. Women were wrapped in stunning colors everywhere we looked, whether doing hard work or relaxing. This woman seemed to take a break in her efforts to sweep the area, quietly drawing into herself amidst the busy congestion all around her.
Pensive Pause 2020 14656

2nd Place: Applique Large

Baltimore Joy 2020 14983 $750
Sponsor: Aloha Quilt Shop
Title: Baltimore Joy
Maker: Joanne Florence
Quilter: Joanne Florence
Design Basis: Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman
Sue Garmen's pattern for this Baltimore Album style quilt appealed to me for many years. Her detailed instructions, and time spent with her in several classes made this a pleasure to work on. It is based on designs from antique Baltimore Album quilts. I added my own designer the border. These quilts were made in Baltimore, Maryland, 1840-1850.

2nd Place: Mixed Wall

Sponsor: SewBatik
Title: Shwe Cool
Maker: Judy Powell
Quilter: Judy Powell
Design Basis: Helen Stubbings
I really liked Helen Stubbings Pattern for this quilt but made some changes. She had different embroidery designs. I made a border that she didn't have. When I sent a picture to her of my quilt she said she liked it better. (nice of her to say that)
Shwe Cool 2020 14572

2nd Place: Mixed Large

Memories 2020 14617 $750
Sponsor: Necchi
Title: Memories
Maker: Joyce Hite
Quilter: Patricia Hechler
Design Basis: Sampler Quilt (Pieced Blocks are from EQ7)
I chose to make a Sampler Quilt with blocks that have special meaning to me. Some reference my childhood, some my travels, & some my family. For example, the first block I ever made is included, as is a barn, & wheat applique, because I grew up on a farm. The flower baskets included make me think of my Mom, who had a gift for arranging flowers. I find Japanese fabrics, & Yoko Saito's appliqué designs, very inspiring.

2nd Place: Other Large

Sponsor: Pineapple Fabrics
Title: A Gardeners Alphaet
Maker: Judy Powell
Quilter: Judy Powell
Design Basis: Meg Hawkey-Crabapple Hill
This quilt took me 2 years to embroider as I sewed on it while traveling. I love the soft colors and the texture from embroidery. I painted "raindrops on the border as all the plants need rain. I did add the outer border and all the sashing to the original pattern.
A Gardeners Alphaet 2020 14869

2nd Place: Pieced Large

Flower Power 2020 14928 $750
Sponsor: Pfaff
Title: Flower Power
Maker: Marilyn Badger and the QUTIs
Quilter: Marilyn Badger and Linda Brown
Design Basis: Original design by Claudia Clark Myers
Our friendship group consisting of Linda Brown, Linda Finney, Teryl McKnight, Vickie Wardrop, Susan Recknagel, Sharon Freidman, Shirley Baptist and Marilyn Badger are called QUTI - which stands for Quilting Under The Influence. We decided to make a group quilt to enter in our local show and Flower Power is the result. We spent many enjoyable hours together piecing, appliquing, embellishing and enjoying wine at the same time.

2nd Place: Miniature

Sponsor: Cozy Creative Center
Title: Under Big Waves
Maker: Naomi Iida
Quilter: Naomi Iida
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This miniature quilt was inspired by my previous wall quilt. However I applied different techniques I learned recently such as shadow trapunto, boutis as well as free motion machine quilting. I wanted to depict Hawaii’s sea by blue waves with white cap, shell and coral.
Under Big Waves 2020 14529

2nd Place: Naturescape

Orange Crushed It 2020 14669 $750
Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Orange Crushed It
Maker: Andrea Brokenshire
Quilter: Andrea Brokenshire
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My Momma is a Begonia whisperer. Each summer she plants a number of beautiful begonias in her clay containers and places them around her front patio. The patio is shaded by a grove of huge old growth Douglas fir. The majestic trees allow the perfect amount light to filter down to let this beauties flourish.

2nd Place: Pictorial

Sponsor: All About Color Quilting
Title: Doorway to Georgia's World
Maker: Susan Buckingham
Quilter: Susan Buckingham
Design Basis: Photo Taken by Me at Georgia O'Keeffe's home in Abiquiu, NM
Hand-dyed and commercial batiks and cottons; cotton and cotton/poly threads; Pellon 60/40 blend batting; batik backing and facing. Fusible raw-edge and turned-edge machine applique, constructed from the center out. Neocolor pencils and Fabrico markers. Appliqued on my Baby Lock sewing machine, free-motion quilted on my Handi Quilter Avanté. I used the quilting of the outer adobe walls to help achieve perspective.
Doorway to Georgia

2nd Place: Applique Wall

Summer $750
Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Summer's Bounty
Maker: Jan Mawk
Quilter: Jan Mawk
Design Basis: From Pattern Floral Sampler in book Beautiful Botanicals
When I purchased the book Beautiful Botanicals by Deborah Kemball I fell in love with the pattern titled Floral Sampler. Being new to appliqué, I found it to be challenging but also thoroughly enjoyable. The quilt consists of 94 different fabrics and required 2,200 hours to complete. The hand appliqué was done with 20-25 stitches per inch using YLI Silk over thread.The hand echo quilting is every 3/16 inch with 12 stitches per inch.

2nd Place: Other Wall

Sponsor: Janome
Title: Who Let The Dogs In?
Maker: Sandra Branjord
Quilter: Sandra Branjord
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The political scope of the year 2017-2018 gave me all the ammunition that I needed to make this interactive art quilt. I bashed both sides, hoping that the viewers couldn't guess my own politics. Holding back my fire is not in my makeup...full guns ahead, metaphorically speaking.
Who Let The Dogs In? 2020 14675

2nd Place: Pieced Wall

Abbey $750
Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Abbey's Flower Garden
Maker: Ceidys Butterworth
Quilter: Susan Corbett
Design Basis: Sue Daley Designs
My love of English Paper Piecing and a bundle of fabric called Forget Me Not is what inspired me to piece by hand over 1400 one-inch hexagons. I made a couple of changes to the design by Sue Daley and called it Abbey's Flower Garden which is my Shih Tzu's name.

Viewers' Choice

Sponsor: Quilter's Rule International, LLC
Title: Celtic Migration
Maker: Angela Petrocelli
Quilter: Angela Petrocelli
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspired by my love of flying geese, tiny piecing and desire to make everything more complicated than necessary. Blends the simple complexity of Celtic Knots with the subtle beauty of taupe fabrics. There are 7,924 flying geese. The dimension to the quilted feathers was achieved using colored pencils.
Celtic Migration 2020 14936

Judging Floor Staff Favorite

Pop-Up Stories 2020 14678 $500
Sponsor: From My Heart to Your Hands
Title: Pop-Up Stories
Maker: Flora Joy
Quilter: Flora Joy
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Viewers (students) may enjoy composing creative stories by beginning with all blocks CLOSED and UNsnapping them one at a time while adding to their story with each new pop-up fabric scene. Each block has both free-motion and the quilter’s original stitching designs, and the entire quilt reveals fabric explorations with an array of cording, fishing line, felt, beading, faux velveteen, buttons, upholstery items, Texture Magic, Pel-Tex, rick rack...

3rd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Quilters Dream Batting
Title: Antelope Canyon Mosaic
Maker: Kimberly Lacy
Quilter: Kimberly Lacy
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This quilt was inspired by the dramatic colors of the undulating sandstone formations in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The colors of the canyon walls change at different times of day.
Antelope Canyon Mosaic 2020 14876

3rd Place: Animal

The Elephant in the Room 2020 14801 $500
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: The Elephant in the Room
Maker: Sandra Mollon
Quilter: Sandra Mollon
Design Basis: Photo
With its commanding gaze, the photo of a young bull elephant was one I wanted to work from. I wanted to add color, in the ears, and concentrating on value to convey the depth and texture. Raw edge fused, machine quilted, and some mixed media.

3rd Place: Human Image

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Little Artists
Maker: Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama
Quilter: Hiroko Miyama
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This quilt was inspired by pictures of Natsumi and Fuyuka, my granddaughters. Their butterflies and flowers were also embroidered and popped into the wall paper.
Little Artists 2020 14492

3rd Place: Applique Large

Triple Treat 2020 14868 $500
Sponsor: Cheri's Crystals
Title: Triple Treat
Maker: Karen Boe, Barb Simons, Marilyn Lidstrom Larson
Quilter: Barb Simons of Stoneridge Quilting
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
As three friends we decided to design and collaborate in making a quilt. Karen Boe to complete the applique, Marilyn Lidstrom Larson the piecing and Barb Simons the quilting. We worked through e-mails, text messages and face to face meetings; each driving 2+ hours to a central meeting place. We inspired each other with our design ideas, pattern drafts and fabric choices.

3rd Place: Mixed Large

Sponsor: Necchi
Title: Hosanna
Maker: Audra Rasnake
Quilter: Audra Rasnake
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I had always wanted to do a quilt using the Hosanna (or the Palm Leaf) block. I also wanted to use up a large portion of my green fabric stash. I designed my own paper-piecing pattern and used my left-over pieces of trimmed fabric to cut approximately 1500 leaves. The dahlia-like flowers in the center medallion are also an original pattern that I created when I couldn't find one that suited me. There are over 1300 hours of work in this quilt.
Hosanna 2020 14476

3rd Place: Other Large

A Blanket of Snow 2020 14867 $500
Sponsor: Pineapple Fabrics
Title: A Blanket of Snow
Maker: Kathleen Stuart
Quilter: Kathleen Stuart
Design Basis: Original Wholecloth Design
I wanted to create a quilt to use on my bed at Christmas that looked like the snowflakes and feathers were gently blowing off the edge of the bed. I am trying to make wholecloth quilts that are a combination of modern and traditional, using new methods such as machine embroidery and painting as well as traditional feather work. I cut around the feathers, undid the stitching, turned the front and back fabric in, hand stitching the edge in place.

3rd Place: Pieced Large

Sponsor: Pfaff
Title: Imagine
Maker: Maureen Wood
Quilter: Karen McTavish
Design Basis: BeColourful by Jacqueline de Jonge
Two years ago I started making quilts from patterns by Jacqueline de Jonge. I love her bright rainbow colors and her designs are stunning. This one, Imagine, is made from the scraps of the other rainbow quilts I previously made. It was a bit of a challenge getting all of those geese to line up but I love the effect of the circling geese. Karen McTavish designed the quilting pattern and did an amazing job quilting this one for me.
Imagine 2020 14731

3rd Place: Miniature

Floral Filigree 2020 14713 $500
Sponsor: Morgan Quality Products & JD Stencils
Title: Floral Filigree
Maker: Laura Welklin
Quilter: Laura Welklin
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This is a new color combination for me. The orange and red petals are embellished with fused raw edge, blanket stitched applique. The petals are turned edge applique attached with monopoly thread.

3rd Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Sonoran Desert Sunset
Maker: Kathy Adams and Joanne Baeth
Quilter: Kathy Adams and Joanne Baeth
Design Basis: Original Design Based on Photos Taken by Makers
Original design inspired by several photos we took of the Sonoran Desert which were collaged to make our pattern. Bold colors and Southwestern sunsets inspired our fabric choices. We divided the pattern horizontally into 6 sections and each created and quilted an alternating section. Work was done independently, sharing progress via phone and email. When complete, sections were mailed back and forth to be joined as we live several miles apart
Sonoran Desert Sunset 2020 14637

3rd Place: Pictorial

Stargazer Splendor 2020 14668 $500
Sponsor: Block Party Studios, Corp.
Title: Stargazer Splendor
Maker: Andrea Brokenshire
Quilter: Andrea Brokenshire
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My Momma has the most beautiful gardens. One of the flowers that flourishes there is the Stargazer Lily. Their scent is intoxicating and their beauty magnificent. The challenge for me in making this piece was creating the texture and colors of pollen filled anthers.

3rd Place: Applique Wall

Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Spring Thing
Maker: Claudia Scheja
Quilter: Claudia Scheja
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Every year in early spring, I look forward to the first green leaves and flower buds. This quilt with a combination of traditional shapes and modern fabrics brings color and light and this feeling of the spring the whole year. All sewing and applique by hand and quilted on a longarm machine.
Spring Thing 2020 14765

3rd Place: Other Wall

Good Wishes 2020 14766 $500
Sponsor: Janome
Title: Good Wishes
Maker: Donna James
Quilter: Donna James
Design Basis: Traditional Symmetrical Wholecloth
Traditional feathers and stars surround an iris wreath, tiny clamshells, and ‘good wishes’ noshi ribbons and crests. Original design. Hand-guided quilting on dupioni silk. Superior threads- Magnifico and Kimono Silk, with Hobbs 80/20 and wool battings. Iris and noshi motifs from Dover permission-free publications - Japanese Design Motifs, 1972, Japanese Designs, 2002.

3rd Place: Pieced Wall

Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Trip Around the World II
Maker: Inger Blood
Quilter: Inger Blood
Design Basis: Trip Around the World
Inspiration was from an antique quilt from the early 1900's show in "Love of Quilting". Pieced Dupioni Silk. Borders were quilted using rulers on a sit down sewing machine. Embellished with hot fix crystals. Finished with a scalloped border and inserted piping.
Trip Around the World II 2020 14691

3rd Place: Mixed Wall

All we are saying, is give piece a chance 2020 14822 $500
Sponsor: SewBatik
Title: All we are saying, is give piece a chance
Maker: Sharon Morine
Quilter: Vicki Rubel
Design Basis: EPP Pattern Quatro Colour by Sue Daley
"All we are saying, is give piece a chance" was inspired by an EPP Quatro block that caught my eye on Instagram made from Tula Pink fabric. Given my extra-large Tula stash it was the perfect pattern for me to do something different and go Tula crazy.Made exclusively of Tula fabric it is fussy-cut, hand stitched and the body appliqued to the border. In my 17 years of quilting I have never had more fun in the 8 months it took me to make this quilt.