Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase 2025
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ROAD2022 Award Winners

Best of Show Quilt

Sponsor: Gammill
Title: Harlequinade
Maker: Rebecca Prior
Quilter: Jackie Brown
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
"Harlequinade" is a theatrical quilt filled with visual clues guiding viewers to discover a hidden story. Inspired by Venetian Carnival masks and commedia del'arte characters, the quilt features the antics of Harlequin, the trickster, who has his own ideas about freedom and fun!
Harlequinade 2022 15187

Marie White Masterpiece Award

Merry Christmas II 2022 15288 $7,500
Sponsor: Road to California, Inc.
Title: Merry Christmas II
Quilter: AKI SAKAI
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This is my second Christmas quilt. It took about a year to make this. I made it with the hope that everyone can have a happy Christmas.

Director's Choice

Sponsor: Moore's Sewing Center
Title: Welcome Home
Maker: David Taylor
Quilter: David Taylor
Design Basis: Original image by Margo Clabo, used with permission
I first saw this image from friend Margo Clabo more than a decade ago. It took years to convince her to let me adapt her photo into a quilt. The image it depicts is especially sentimental for her. The challenge for myself was to create a pieced pictorial background and recreate a traditionally pieced quilt by using my hand appliqué technique. The project size was overwhelming, but I'm thrilled with the finished quilt. So is Margo. Time to exhale.
Welcome Home 2022 15368

Best Hand Quilting

Lullabye in 3/4 Time 2022 15167 $2,500
Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Lullabye in 3/4 Time
Maker: Barbara Clem
Quilter: Barbara Clem
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I needed a project to carry along when I traveled with my husband. All the fabrics came from my stash and since time was of the essence, quickly assembled my motifs in a medallion style. I added the pale yellow to bring that center hung square to life and proceeded to add more of my curvy vines, flowers and leaves till I was happy. She is lightly embroidered....enhanced with beautiful hand quilting and light trapunto. She is a happy quilt.

Best Machine Frame Quilting

Sponsor: Handi Quilter
Title: and...(dot, dot dot)
Maker: Gail Stepanek
Quilter: Jan Hutchison
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Hand appliqued dots along with fusible glitter vinyl dots make up the circular design. Jan quilted with dark thread in the center and then gradually used lighter threads to the outer edges to give the appearance of lace. The name is a phrase taken from the movie "Mama Mia".
and...(dot, dot dot) 2022 15459

Best Machine Stationary Quilting

Emerald labyrinth 2022 15436 $2,500
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Emerald labyrinth
Maker: Kumiko Frydl
Quilter: Kumiko Frydl
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
As a starting point I used an image from the entrance to the EL Barkookeyeh Mosque in Cairo. Thinking of an elegant and intricate garden I added bursts of natural color and filled the area between the large elements of the design with finer ornament inspired by butterflies and plants. I set the circular image in a rectangular frame with a subdued complimentary design of rippled reflective pools.

1st Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Cherrywood Fabrics Inc
Maker: Beth Schillig
Quilter: Beth Schillig
Design Basis: original
After hand dyeing my fabrics, I love exploring the capabilities of my various machines. An electric cutter machine creates perfect circles & ovals in heavy interfacing for appliqué templates. My sewing machines are used for accurate piecing and decorative embroidery stitches to enhance the appliqués. And my sit down longarm for freehand quilting including ruler work. My only handwork is to attach the yo-yo’s and add beads.

1st Place: Animal

Woodland Wilds 2022 15431 $1,000
Sponsor: Fiberworks Inc.
Title: Woodland Wilds
Maker: Ann Horton
Quilter: Ann Horton
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My morning hikes in the woodland hills of our northern California home inspired this quilt. The rabbits are always alert for danger. This machine appliqued, thread painted and embroidered view through a window is surrounded by wild flowers on hand dyed silk and again surrounded by other wild birds and animals. I love my wilds things in the woods!

1st Place: Human Image

Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: The Memories That Remain
Maker: Lynn Czaban
Quilter: Lynn Czaban
Design Basis: Library of Congress Photos - LC-USF33-006183MI and LC-USF33-0061
I am fascinated by the human face and our ability to communicate without uttering a single word. The Portuguese word 'saudade' meaning a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for something or someone that one cares for and loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never be had again.
The Memories That Remain 2022 15562

1st Place: Applique

Ewe Two Crazy Love Birds 2022 15610 $1,000
Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Ewe Two Crazy Love Birds
Maker: Janet Stone
Quilter: Janet Stone
Design Basis: original design
Created in honor of my 25th wedding anniversary. Vases were woven with bias strips, I crocheted the wreath on the gate, and a few embellishments were added, including hand covered buttons. Since we have no kids, the 8 sheep in the center represent my husband and I and each of our 3 siblings, my half-brother being on the far left. Made with mostly French General fabrics, which brought me joy, during a year that did not.

1st Place: Mixed Large

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Midnight in Morocco
Maker: Marilyn Badger
Quilter: Marilyn Badger
Design Basis: Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger
I always wanted to make a blue and yellow quilt and when Claudia sent a photo of this design she had come up with on EQ8 it was perfect. I also wanted to do some machine appliqué on my new Janome machine. There is also hand appliqué to accent the quilting designs and lots of added crochet circles and embellishments
Midnight in Morocco 2022 15446

1st Place: Other

Celebration 2022 15165 $1,000
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Celebration
Maker: Elsie Campbell
Quilter: Elsie Campbell
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Large embroidered floral motif is influenced by a lace appliqué from my wedding dress. 2021 is the year of my husband Ken’s and my 50th wedding anniversary, thus the name Celebration. Hand embroidered background include swarovski crystals and Superior’s Glitter thread embellishments.

1st Place: Pieced Large

Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Madame Butterfly
Maker: Marilyn Badger
Quilter: Marilyn Badger
Design Basis: Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger
Paper pieced, machine quilted, hand embroidered to accent quilting with 16 hand embroidered monarch butterflies appliquéd to the quilt before quilting. Lumiere paints added to accent details of quilting. Crystals and metal embellishments added to accent as well.
Madame Butterfly 2022 15443

1st Place: Miniature

Flower Baskets 2022 15178 $1,000
Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Flower Baskets
Maker: Lahala Phelps
Quilter: Lahala Phelps
Design Basis: Hand applique
This miniature quilt was inspired by an antique quilt made in 1850. The maker of the antique quilt is unknown. It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.

1st Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Desert In Spring
Maker: Andrea Brokenshire
Quilter: Andrea Brokenshire
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My Mom and I embarked on an epic travel trip we named our "Thelma and Louise Adventure" In Palm Springs, CA we visited the Living Desert Botanical Garden. This quilt is inspired by one of the photographs I took that spring day of a Prickly Pear Cactus in full bloom. I loved the leathery texture of the cactus leaves (paddles) and the almost translucent citron yellow blossoms.
Desert In Spring 2022 15323

1st Place: Pictorial

Fabulous Welcome 2022 15429 $1,000
Sponsor: Janome
Title: Fabulous Welcome
Maker: Brigitte Villeneuve, Diane Coté, Doris Boivin
Quilter: Brigitte Villeneuve, Diane Coté, Doris Boivin
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Each fall, people on board cruise ship docking at LaBaie, Saguenay, among migrating snow geese, are greeted by volunteer from a local show “Fabulous Story of a Kingdom”. Music, dancing, tasting local dishes are all part of a “Fabulous Welcome”.

2nd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Cherrywood Fabrics Inc
Title: Vine #2
Maker: Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Quilter: Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Design Basis: original
Vine #2 began with a doodle I drew many years ago. I decided to play around with it and see what happened. After I tried many different shapes and arrangements it evolved into the design for this quilt. The fabrics include hand-dyed gradations, hand painted fabrics, and fabrics from the various collections I have designed for Benartex. In the quilting I used dozens of different colors of thread. The negative spaces are quilted in vine patterns.
Vine #2 2022 15566

2nd Place: Animal

Not Today 2022 15502 $750
Sponsor: All About Color Quilting
Title: Not Today
Maker: Kestrel Michaud
Quilter: Kestrel Michaud
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The chase is on! The Roadrunner is after his next meal, chasing a Common Collared Lizard through a steampunk junkyard. The desert is a favored dumping ground for the detritus of progress, even in a fantasy world. A steam-powered industrial revolution creates iron refuse and pieces of broken machinery have been left to decay in dry desert air. That doesn’t bother these critters. To them, this is home. Will that lizard wind up as dinner? Not today!

2nd Place: Human Image

Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: Declaration of Independence - Voices of Freedom
Maker: Nancy Prince
Quilter: Terri Taylor
Design Basis: Reproduction of John Trumbull's Painting
The quilt is a reproduction of John Trumbull's painting which depicts the moment in history when the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was presented to the Second Continental Congress on June 28, 1776. The quilt front and back were created in Photoshop and custom printed on fabric. Four thousand hours over 4 years was necessary to create the quilt. The back captures the story of the Declaration and its signors.
Declaration of Independence - Voices of Freedom 2022 15254

2nd Place: Applique

Sponsor: Baby Lock
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I have a daughter named Kirara.Kirara's grandfather was a fisherman in Wakayama.When I go back home, I get off the train and see the sea breeze, the smell of the sea, and crabs walking on the beach.The many big fishing flags that I saw during the New Year's holidays were very majestic and left a deep impression on me.I made a quilt of the scenes of precious memories between Kira and her grandfather.

2nd Place: Mixed

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Hungarian Rhapsody
Maker: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Quilter: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Made exclusively from many bold shades of Silk Radiance fabric, my preferred material for competition quilts, this quilt features original floral hand-applique. The design is reminiscent of the Hungarian crewel embroideries. Quilting is done using a hand-guided longarm. Motifs quilted in contrasting color silk thread add to the garden theme of the quilt. Accents of lace, pearls and embroidery complete the details.
Hungarian Rhapsody 2022 15268

2nd Place: Other

Victorian Trellis  2022 15175 $750
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Victorian Trellis
Maker: Tami Graeber
Quilter: Tami Graeber
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
A traditional looking quilt that’s actually an art quilt , most of the design elements were created with paints, inks and cork. Years ago I made a miniature quilt inspired by antique Victorian Tiles as a test for a larger quilt. During Covid I had lots of time to follow through on that idea. The original center had to be completely redone after months of work due to an unfixable bleeding of a new marker.

2nd Place: Pieced

Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Losing It
Maker: Randa Mulford
Quilter: Randa Mulford
Design Basis: Complex Pieced Kaleidoscopes
Losing It started as a response to watching an elderly friend lose her memory and her personality to dementia. Color and pattern gradually faded away, leaving only suggestions of what had been before. As I worked on the quilt during 2020, the many other kinds of loss that came with that year also became part of the quilt for me, with a dark end to a dark year.
Losing It 2022 15362

2nd Place: Miniature

Soft Pride 2022 15373 $750
Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Soft Pride
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This quilt was foundation pieced on a Singer Featherweight and machine quilted. The fabrics are from a hand-dyed bundle sold by Pro Chemical and Dye. This quilt was made during summer 2020 while we were under lock down. It is the 8th quilt in a series I am working on called Micropiecing. There are 11,925 pieces.

2nd Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: P is For Poppy and Periwinkle
Maker: Kathie Kerler
Quilter: Kathie Kerler
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
A neighbor’s garden planted with red and orange poppies bordered by periwinkle stalks of False Indigo, inspired my design. I created a triptych to give the impression of a panoramic view.
P is For Poppy and Periwinkle 2022 15277

2nd Place: Pictorial

Passiflora-Find Joy, Live your Passion 2022 15324 $750
Sponsor: Janome
Title: Passiflora-Find Joy, Live your Passion
Maker: Andrea Brokenshire
Quilter: Andrea Brokenshire
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I began this quilt during the time when my father was dying from a nasty form of Parkinsons Disease and finished it during Covid-19 Epidemic. I wanted something to take my mind away from all the sadness I was feeling. I channelled the passion I feel when I create into this quilt to transform my heart from bruised and battered to one of beauty and joy.

Judges Choice - Annie Smith

Sponsor: Lakeside Scissors Sales
Title: Magnificent Millie
Maker: Mary Olson
Quilter: Mary Olson
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Magnificent Millie is a tribute to my grandmother, Mildred Jackson. She was strong and loving woman (reds), a friend when you needed to talk (yellows), encouraging (oranges), and a calming presence (blues) in my life, with a twinkle in her mischievous eyes.
Magnificent Millie 2022 15642

Judges Choice - Cindy Sietz-Krug

Rambling Ways 2022 15220 $500
Sponsor: French Connections
Title: Rambling Ways
Maker: Becky McDaniel
Quilter: Heidi Miller Stango
Design Basis: Rambling Ways - Sharon Keightley
I saw the center block on Pinterest and fell in love! Then saw that the designer was Sharon Keightley. I am attracted to her designs. I made the pillow first with that block and then had to make the whole quilt. I love how the bright Kaffe fabrics pop against the grey neutrals.

Judges Choice - Kathy McNeil

Sponsor: Sulky of America
Title: In the Countryside
Maker: Hanne Lohde
Quilter: Hanne Lohde
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This story Quilt tell the story of my memories of a 250 year old thatch roofed country house in Denmark that I spend my childhood summers in. It also tells the story of what happened in the surrounding nature and with animals that would be visiting during our time at The Countryside Cottage.
In the Countryside 2022 15240

Judging Floor Staff Favorite

Bad JuJu: The Harrowing Tale of a Twice Quilted Quilt 2022 15432 $500
Sponsor: The Graves Family
Title: Bad JuJu: The Harrowing Tale of a Twice Quilted Quilt
Maker: Kathryn Bernstein
Quilter: Richard Larson
Design Basis: Barbara Brachman Block Base #3317
The story of this quilt is a classic tale filled with love, hate, horror, faith, perseverance and redemption. The roles of fairy godmothers are played by my beloved YaYas because they always bring the magic. The hero of the story is definitely Richard Larson. The End.

3rd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Cherrywood Fabrics Inc
Title: Finding Neverland #2: Free Fall
Maker: Jan Soules
Quilter: Jan Soules
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This is the second in a series of improv quilts inspired by the work of Sheila Frampton Cooper. I began with basic shapes and let them decide where they wanted to go. The piecing was often challenging and caused several design decisions and changes along the way. I hope the bold colors and unusual shapes keep you interested in going to "Neverland".
Finding Neverland #2: Free Fall 2022 15386

3rd Place: Animal

Midnight Flight 2022 15245 $500
Sponsor: Flynn Quilt Frame Co
Title: Midnight Flight
Maker: Joanne Baeth
Quilter: Joanne Baeth
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Several years ago we had an injured Great Horned Owl roosting in our willow tree during the day. I took several pictures and was inspired to create him in fabric. The background features a painted sky, old buildings, melting snow and a rabbit on the run The foreground is the swooping owl which was constructed by painting and inking each feather and thread painting over fabrics and needle punched wool rovings.

3rd Place: Human Image

Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: The Year of the Masks
Maker: Rhonda Montgomery
Quilter: Charlene Nelson
Design Basis: Lower left mask modified design of Handini Atmodiwiryo
I love making wearable art and quilting. After a trip to New Orleans, I knew I had to make a quilt with masquerade masks. I am also intrigued by the masks we hide behind as human beings. I put the two ideas together and created this quilt. I had so much fun making the girl in the mirror. I wish I could be that girl, but all too often I conform to what others think I should be. It would be wonderful if we humans could embrace our differences.
The Year of the Masks 2022 15273

3rd Place: Applique

SERENITY 2022 15200 $500
Sponsor: Baby Lock
Maker: Molly Hamilton-McNally
Quilter: Molly Hamilton-McNally
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
My quilt, ‘SERENITY”, slowly emerged during this past dark and dreadful year. Pairs of birds,calm, untroubled and safe at rest, are done in shades of red which, in my culture,represents hope and happiness in the future. Along with just a touch of whimsy, see if you you can find my tiny goldfish. I want to extend these same wishes of hope and happiness to everyone.

3rd Place: Mixed

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Lockdown Afternoons
Maker: Marilyn Giblin
Quilter: Marilyn Giblin
Design Basis: Afternoon Delight by Sue German
This time consuming quilt was the perfect project to undertake in 2020 since I had so many free afternoons to fill. All of the fabric came from my stash with the exception of the brick red border and setting triangles. The appliqué is turned edge using the Apliquick technique. The pattern name is “Afternoon Delight” by Sue Garman. It wasn’t always a ‘delight’, but I am very pleased with the final results.
Lockdown Afternoons 2022 15589

3rd Place: Other

An Eye Clue Test 2022 15395 $500
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: An Eye Clue Test
Maker: Flora Joy
Quilter: Flora Joy
Design Basis: Maker's Original Sketches
I love challenging viewers to participate in this fun “Eye-Clue” Test by giving themselves 10 points for each “famous face from the past” they can correctly identify within two minutes. (There are numerous hidden and subtle stitched CLUES.) Those wishing to increase their score may add 5 more points for each hard-to-find STITCHED NAME they can “EYE” (“see,” but not touch) in each of the 12 hexagon blocks.

3rd Place: Pieced

Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Chenault
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: Original Log Cabin
This quilt was started and finished in 2017. It was machine foundation pieced and machine quilted in the ditch. There are 8,092 pieces.
Chenault 2022 15375

3rd Place: Miniature

Hope Chest Heirlooms – Napkin #2 2022 15545 $500
Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Hope Chest Heirlooms – Napkin #2
Maker: Sally Terris
Quilter: Sally Terris
Design Basis: Original design.
My maternal grandmother married my grandfather 1928 at the age of 30. She had always wanted to travel to Europe. My grandfather hated to travel, so he told her she’d better go before they got married, which she did in 1927. This napkin is part of a bridge set that she purchased in Italy on that trip. Almost 100 years later, I quilted two of these napkins - the previous one for my mother and this one for me.

3rd Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Day Into Night
Maker: Deb Deaton
Quilter: Deb Deaton
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspired from photo by Robert Murray with his permission. When the Arizona sun begins to set, the sky comes alive. I saw this photo and knew the splendor of this landscape needed to be captured with fiber! Sky is hand painted. Raw edge applique. Mixed media used: oil pastels, color pencils, inks to enhance the fabrics and create more dimension. Cheesecloth: painted to create spikes of cactus. Tulle used to capture the sunrays. Machine quilted.
Day Into Night 2022 15364

3rd Place: Pictorial

Tiles, Tapestry and a Teal Tail 2022 15184 $500
Sponsor: Janome
Title: Tiles, Tapestry and a Teal Tail
Maker: Tami Graeber
Quilter: Tami Graeber
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I wanted to try several new to me design elements so combined them to create a Threadlpainted Peacock, surrounded by hand painted Mexican tiles and then faux leather . The shape was inspired by a Mexican metal and tile mirror I saw. The wool cording added some extra embellishment.