Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase 2025
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ROAD2023 Award Winners

Best of Show Quilt

Sponsor: Gammill
Title: Flowers in full bloom to Kirara
Design Basis: Makers Original Design
I made this quilt for my daughter who loves flowers. My daughter will come of age this year. I made this quilt in the hope that she will be able to spend her coming of age with a bright smile.It is my style to make quilts with embroidery. I embroidered the embroidery design as I thought of it without drafting it. The heart motif is crazyquilts.The quilting is hand quilting and Japanese sashiko (boro).And I enjoyed the many colonialknot stitches.
Flowers in full bloom to Kirara 2023 15835

Marie White Masterpiece Award

An Angel Watching Over Ewe 2023 15759 $7,500
Sponsor: Road to California, Inc.
Title: An Angel Watching Over Ewe
Maker: Janet Stone
Quilter: Janet Stone
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspired by antique Frakturs, the name of the background alphabet fabric in the center is “Lexington”, which is where my mom was born, Lexington, Missouri. The entire quilt was designed around that fabric, and the alphabet, of course. This quilt is dedicated to her, and the thought of her watching over me.

Best Machine Quilting Stationary

Sponsor: Moore's Sewing Center
Title: BEE yourself
Maker: Simone Steuxner
Quilter: Simone Steuxner
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The quilt is my original design and was inspired by nature and my garden life. I love being outdoors and I especially love bumblebees.
BEE yourself 2023 15692

The Stevii Graves Director's Choice Award

Flower Carnival 2023 15791 $5,000
Sponsor: The Graves Family
Title: Flower Carnival
Maker: Naomi Otomo
Quilter: Naomi Otomo
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
I made it with a wish that the bright days will return soon during the pandemic. Welcome to my Flower Carnival. Once you pass through the gate, there is a wonderland full of smiles. The floats decorated with flowers come with music. Please enjoy yourself.

Best Hand Quilting

Sponsor: Martelli Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Harmony
Maker: Sachiko Chiba
Quilter: Sachiko Chiba
Design Basis: Maker`s Original Design
I wanted to quilt beautiful blooming roses. These are loved by all. That is why I wanted to express their elegant and gorgeous appearance. I spent a lot of time designing, carefully selecting fabrics, and taking my time with each one, and finally completed this quilt. I`m happy I was able to create a quilt that is uniquely my own.
Harmony 2023 15729

Best Machine Quilting Frame

Into The Sunshine 2023 15652 $2,500
Sponsor: Handi Quilter
Title: Into The Sunshine
Maker: Patricia Hechler & Joyce Hite
Quilter: Patricia Hechler
Design Basis: Blocks from P3 Designs, Pearl P. Pereira
Joyce Hite and I work together, giving each other space to make our own design decisions on each quilt we do. For the longarming, I chose a variety of threads, including the addition of metallic and holographic threads to help highlight the applique. The border was a great area to introduce various thread colors, helping to create a tapestry look to the solid fabric color.

1st Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Quiet Winter Morning
Maker: Lisa Jenni
Quilter: Lisa Jenni
Design Basis: Original Design
Fresh snow in an alpine landscape, soft natural glitter under low glowing sun is a wide-open invitation to meditation. Everything is quiet, but for the attentive observer, the branches hold the promise of spring. Being enveloped by nature is a peaceful joy, especially after so many months of restrictions due to the pandemic.
Quiet Winter Morning 2023 15893

1st Place: Portrait

Sharing the Moment 2023 15695 $1,000
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Sharing the Moment
Maker: Hollis Chatelain
Quilter: Hollis Chatelain
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
African-American women are a powerful force in motivating their families and communities to vote. I wanted to create a piece about this and highlight the fact that African-American women did not receive the right to vote in all 50 states until 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was passed. I met Phyllis at a rally. I was drawn to her and asked if she would be my model. Without hesitation she said yes. She later brought her friend Loretta with her.

1st Place: Applique

Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Inherited Inspiration
Maker: Michelle Plourde
Quilter: Michelle Plourde
Design Basis: Maker's original design
This quilt is a generational collaboration (in spirit) between myself and my great grandfather Andrea St. Laurent. A childhood discovery of a dusty box in my grandmother’s basement led me to the most captivating artwork I had ever seen. Between 1900-1940 my great-grandfather drew over 90 “mandala like” drawings using a compass and brown paper bags. I knew these drawings would be a source of inspiration for a quilt one day.
Inherited Inspiration 2023 15992

1st Place: Mixed

AUTUMN SWAG 2023 15683 $1,000
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Maker: Linda Roy
Quilter: Linda Roy
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Original inspired by Fall foliage in my home state of MA. and newly constructed roundabout in my current home of 19 yrs in Knoxville, Tn. Hand applique, embroidered, quilted, padded.

1st Place: Other

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Blue Tone II
Quilter: AKI SAKAI
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The designs of this quilt are based on my family memories such as 30th wedding anniversary and my favorite things. It took about a year and half to make this.
Blue Tone II 2023 15712

1st Place: Pieced Large

Belladonic Haze 2023 15747 $1,000
Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Belladonic Haze
Maker: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Quilter: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The quilt's name derives from a 1973 Queen song, and aptly describes my mind while I waited to quilt this. I'd just gone through the painful journey of my dad's death. This modified carpenter's star features nearly 1300 appliqued silk dots in the 24 setting squares. The final quilting touch was adding titles of 35 Queen songs into the outer border.

1st Place: Miniature

Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Happy Halloween III
Quilter: AKI SAKAI
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This is my third Halloween quilt. It took me about 4 months to make this.
Happy Halloween III 2023 15711

1st Place: Naturescape

Augustinii 2023 15739 $1,000
Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Augustinii
Maker: Andrea Brokenshire
Quilter: Andrea Brokenshire
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design

1st Place: Pictorial

Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Leap of Faith
Maker: Kestrel Michaud
Quilter: Kestrel Michaud
Design Basis: Original design
In this Steampunk fantasy world, men and women have taken to the skies on ships held aloft by hot air, ingenuity, and luck. Faith’s favorite past-time is bungee-jumping off the side of her airship, with Bubo, her pet clockwork owl. This quilt depicts the photo Faith took on her latest jump to test her brand-new camera and selfie stick.
Leap of Faith 2023 15938

1st Place: Pieced Wall

The troubadour 2023 15843 $1,000
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: The troubadour
Maker: Luz Seidensticker
Quilter: Luz Seidensticker
Design Basis: Own Design
As a homage to quilters from the past, I modified the traditional Mariner Compass block to capture the magic of petals unfolding on Giant Mammoth sunflowers. In the background, a blue bird serenades his companion at the tune of “Oh Sole Mio”. The piece was completely machine pieced.

2nd Place: Abstract

Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Renew Anew
Maker: Elizabeth Ray
Quilter: Elizabeth Ray
Design Basis: Maker’s Original Design
Post 2020, emerging we came out to interact, renew, and shine anew. I used the 2021 Pantone Colors of the year to create a radiating plus with a single simple block design, rotated and recolored throughout. The stripes, like blinds, shading, and exposing the different colors as they interact. The interactions, colors and shapes, highlight my many feelings and relationships, internal and external, being challenged yet renewed to continue anew.
Renew Anew 2023 16040

2nd Place: Portrait

The Gift 2023 15703 $750
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: The Gift
Maker: Kathy McNeil
Quilter: Kathy McNeil
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
The little girls gift to Santa, reminds us all about the spirit of giving in the Christmas season. Crazy quilted little coat with hand embroidery. Hand applique.

2nd Place: Applique

Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Baked With Love
Maker: Linda Neal
Quilter: Jackie Brown
Design Basis: Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet
My grandmother was a fabulous baker. I used her Christmas cookie cutters to make this quilt. The horse shape was the favorite that we all fought over every year-even as adults! So, they are on a silver tray. Lori Holt, of Bee In My Bonnet, Let's Bake blocks were the perfect addition. The blocks are fused together, and hand sewn with 3/8-inch English paper pieced hexagons. The binding is made with 640 1/2-inch hexagons- my own technique.
Baked With Love 2023 15789

2nd Place: Mixed

Are We There Yet?  Road Trip On The Learning Curve 2023 15984 $750
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Are We There Yet? Road Trip On The Learning Curve
Maker: Kathryn Bernstein
Quilter: Richard Larson
Design Basis: Heart adapted from Elly Sienkiewicz; Tulip Papercut adapted from
I started this quilt in 2014 and as I learned new techniques, I would make a new block. Like eating a box of truck stop doughnuts, I nibbled at the fabrics for other projects so I was running on crumbs at the end. My beloved YaYas were backseat drivers throughout the trip so we are all happy that the quilt finally arrived! Special shout-out to my shotgun rider and the diabolical mind behind the hand pieced 3" Cake Stand, Jessica LaMar!

2nd Place: Other

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: Bubbles
Maker: Hanne Lohde
Quilter: Hanne Lohde
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
To catch a glimpse of a mermaid is never easy, but you might just be lucky enough to see one here in BUBBLES!. A story quilt that tells the story of endangered fish from all over the world coming to "Bubbles" to help the mermaid queen Pernille harvesting fresh water pearls. Between others, Helga the black herring from the Baltics, Safia from the Mediterranean, Kailea & Lailani from the Pacific, Henrietta & Harry the octopus from the Indian Ocean.
Bubbles 2023 15710

2nd Place: Pieced Large

Joyride 2023 15691 $750
Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Joyride
Maker: Simone Steuxner
Quilter: Simone Steuxner
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Life is not always a Joyride, but making this quilt was one. My original design.

2nd Place: Miniature

Sponsor: OC Sewing & Vacuum
Title: Paradise Valley
Maker: Kumiko Frydl
Quilter: Kumiko Frydl
Design Basis: original
The Covid-19 pandemic engulfed the old normal for many. Staying at home & working on projects is my normal, but luckily I can work from the safety of my bubble overlooking paradise in my garden where butterflies flutter innocently. Paradise Valley contemplates a return to simpler times, and is dedicated to all who have suffered or sacrificed,
Paradise Valley 2023 15821

2nd Place: Naturescape

Homage to Birches Bare 2023 15823 $750
Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: Homage to Birches Bare
Maker: Jessica Noble
Quilter: Jessica Noble
Design Basis: Fabric recreation of Kesler Woodward's Birches Bare, acrylic on
I fell in love with Kesler Woodward’s Birches Bare painting and knew I had to create it in fabric. I cut about 1,700 pattern pieces out of freezer paper and then fused fabric, through the fall of 2019 until the pandemic started. During this time, I homeschooled my two children and the quilt sat in quarantine. I quilted this freehand on my midarm in the winter of 2021. I managed to take the majority of the summer of 2022 on the binding.

2nd Place: Pictorial

Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Toroweap Overlook
Maker: Sandra Mollon
Quilter: Sandra Mollon
Design Basis: Derived from a photo
Toroweap Overlook, in the Grand Canyon National Park, is an incredible view of the Colorado River. When John Slot sent me the photo to consider for an art quilt, I realized the complexity of the amount of the pieces it would require, but knew I had to do it. Raw edge fused, machine quilted, small amounts of media.
Toroweap Overlook 2023 15758

2nd Place: Pieced Wall

Corona Wedding Dish 2023 16041 $750
Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: Corona Wedding Dish
Maker: Ben Darby
Quilter: Ben Darby
Design Basis: Original design
I used computer drawing software to draft repeating distorted circles; the overlapping segments were filled with improv paper piecing. The spiky secondary shapes were serendipitous and inspired the name.

Judges Choice - Gloria Loughman

Title: Piercing Pyramids
Maker: Claire Victor
Quilter: Claire Victor
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
This modern quilt is part of a series where I am trying to get a 3-D effect with geometric shapes. I envision it as pyramids with stiff ribbon like shapes piercing through them. It is English Paper Pieced, double batted and free motion quilted on a domestic Bernina.
Piercing Pyramids 2023 15656

Judges Choice - David Taylor

Long Tall Sally 2023 15697 $500
Title: Long Tall Sally
Maker: Sue de Vanny
Quilter: Sue de Vanny
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design & Photo
Created with fabric collage only on the patterning of this long legged amazing Giraffe. Inspired by my photo taken in Kenya. Shown in a way that in between the collage patches is just the hand dyed background, so to see through, it's my take on the diminishing of animals in wild , through unlawful hunting and poaching. Free motioned details with thread painting then added silk cocoon for texture. Added free motion webbed holes.

Judges Choice - Pat Yamin

Sponsor: Superior Threads
Title: Warm Regards
Maker: Cecelia Westerfield
Quilter: Cecelia Westerfield
Design Basis: Warm Regards by Kim Diehl & Jo Morton
"Warm Regards" is a Kim Diehl and Jo Morton pattern designed for swapping blocks. Blocks were pieced by myself and my friends, Fran and Carol, and we exchanged them. Each of us designed the remainder of our quilts according to our personal tastes. I added wool applique in addition to the hand applique.
Warm Regards 2023 15777

3rd Place: Abstract

Emergence 2023 16037 $500
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Emergence
Maker: Cassandra Ireland Beaver
Quilter: Cassandra Ireland Beaver
Design Basis: Original Design
As the pandemic wore through 2020, we all needed something to look forward to, and virtual quilt shows were a bright spot in an otherwise dreary Winter. I created Emergence as a 100 day countdown to QuiltCon Together. A small amount of sewing each day grew consistently to emerge as a finished quilt by the time we gathered virtually. Bright, warm colors evoke joy and the mix of hand and machine quilting creates a cozy texture.

3rd Place: Portrait

Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: The Haskell News
Maker: Amy Cavaness
Quilter: Amy Cavaness
Design Basis: Original
My grandparents owned the daily newspaper in Haskell Oklahoma from the 1930’s-1960’s. My grandmother served as the writer/editor and Papa set type and ran the printing press. Honey sat at her typewriter under the window and wrote about small town news, births and obituaries. At noon she walked home and made a hot midday dinner. The town has declined but during my childhood there was still lots of news, and 1 stop light, in Haskell, OK.
The Haskell News 2023 15985

3rd Place: Applique

Fairest of Ten Thousand 2023 15646 $500
Sponsor: Baby Lock
Title: Fairest of Ten Thousand
Maker: Audra Rasnake
Quilter: Audra Rasnake
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Because the main block in this quilt is Rose of Sharon, I used a phrase from an old hymn that I used to sing with my parents as the inspiration for the title. "I Have Found a Hiding Place" (written in 1942) describes the Rose of Sharon (Jesus) as the "Fairest of Ten Thousand to My Soul".

3rd Place: Mixed

Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: My Very Fussy Dear Jane
Maker: Alice Ikenberry
Quilter: Alice Ikenberry
Design Basis: Dear Jane by Brenda Papadakis
This is my second Dear Jane and I decided I wanted to make it more challenging and different then my first one. From a distance, it’s a blue and white Dear Jane. Up close, each 4.5 inch block tells a little story. All but a few blocks are fussy cut even down to some 1/4 inch pieces. It is constructed using the English Paper Piecing method.
My Very Fussy Dear Jane 2023 15929

3rd Place: Other

African Crazy Play 2023 15818 $500
Sponsor: Husqvarna Viking & Pfaff
Title: African Crazy Play
Maker: Ann Horton
Quilter: Ann Horton
Design Basis: original
My African textile stash seemed right for crazy patchwork. Layers of applique, hand quilting and embroidered inserts called for borders of playful plants and lion cubs.

3rd Place: Pieced Large

Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Oh My Stars
Maker: Alice Ikenberry
Quilter: Alice Ikenberry
Design Basis: Stars upon Stars
The Stars Upon Stars design was a long time goal for me. I decided to construct it using the English Paper Piecing method. My challenge was to use my own fabric stash and focus on color use and placements. I did purchase fabric for the sashings. The making of this quilt took over my life for a few months. I couldn’t stop working on it. It has close to 9000 pieces in it.
Oh My Stars 2023 15932

3rd Place: Miniature

Number Six Piece 2023 15750 $500
Sponsor: Janome Longarm
Title: Number Six Piece
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: inspired by an antique quilt
This design was inspired by an antique quilt. It was foundation pieced on a 1947 Singer Featherweight machine and ditch quilted on a Bernina. This quilt is part of my Micropiecing series; there are 5,400 pieces in this quilt.

3rd Place: Naturescape

Sponsor: Brother International Corporation
Title: The Old Apple Tree, Winter
Maker: Sarah Ann Smith
Quilter: Sarah Ann Smith
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Maine in all its seasons inspires me, including this old apple tree along our driveway. I love the architecture of the branches which is best seen in winter. Here, a heavy spring snow rests on the branches, the stone wall beneath is hidden, and just some grasses poke up above the snow.
The Old Apple Tree, Winter 2023 15672

3rd Place: Pictorial

Catch it Yuri! 2023 15742 $500
Sponsor: Truecut
Title: Catch it Yuri!
Maker: Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama
Quilter: Hiroko Miyama
Design Basis: Maker's Original Design
Inspired by dogs’ action. Yuri, golden retriever big jumped to catch a ball and Ponta, mix hardly waited his turn. Dogs and girl were fused appliquéd.

3rd Place: Pieced Wall

Sponsor: BERNINA of America
Title: Heat Lightning
Maker: Amy Pabst
Quilter: Amy Pabst
Design Basis: Traditional Log Cabin Designs
This quilt was inspired by traditional log cabin quilt designs, specifically the Streak of Lightning layout. This quilt was foundation pieced on a 1947 Singer Featherweight and machine quilted in the ditch on a Bernina. There are over 8,000 pieces.
Heat Lightning 2023 15748