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9501D - A Journey into Quilting & Creative Confidence with Jen Kingwell

Friday, January 19th 2024 One day

From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Faculty: Jen Kingwell

Fee $20.00

Description: Join Jen Kingwell as she shares her expertise, encourages confidence, and helps you unlock the limitless possibilities of colour in your quilting endeavours.

With over 30 years of quilting expertise and a knack for combining unexpected hues, Jen has become renowned for her unique use of colour.

In this lecture, Jen will begin with a brief description of her journey in the industry to date. From there she will address the common challenges of choosing colours for quilting projects. She understands the daunting nature of colour selection and aims to empower her audience to trust their instincts and grow in confidence. By sharing her personal experiences and insights, Jen will break down the barriers of traditional colour rules, encouraging participants to embrace their individuality and unleash their creativity.

Jen's speaking style combines an informative approach with a casual and personable demeanour. She cherishes the opportunity to connect with her audience and encourages questions at the conclusion of her lecture.

Whether you're a student eager to learn more about colour theory or an experienced quilter looking to expand your creative horizons, "Unleashing the Power of Colour" promises to be an enlightening and inspiring journey into the world of quilting.