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Desiree Habicht



Desiree Habicht is the owner and creative energy behind Desiree’s Designs. Her love for art, design and her creative spirit have inspired her to design quilt patterns, machine embroidery projects and over 6 fabric lines a year for QT Fabrics. This includes her very popular Steampunk Halloween and Aquatic Steampunkery fabric collections currently available. Her husband Randy is not only her partner but also a valuable part of Desiree’s Designs doing much of the behind the scenes work.

What started from a tragedy turned into a flourishing business. Desiree Habicht is an artist first and quilter second. Not only does she have a successful quilting business she also creates and shows her Fine Art and Art Quilts. She loves to combine her different art techniques into her Art Quilts. One such technique is her use of colored pencils to create wonderful depths and highlights that cannot be achieved by simply using fabrics. She enjoys pushing the boundaries as she often lets one medium overlap into another, breaking all the rules but with stunning results. Although representational in her work, she calls it “creative realism with a twist”. Her fiber art often uses multiple techniques to achieve the desired affects as it tells her story and depicts her fascination with the things around her. “It is the act of creating, the love of the process that fuels everything I do”.

Desiree’s award winning fiber art quilts can be found in books and magazines. They are held in both corporate and private collections. You can see her on Quilting Arts TV Series 1600-1700 and in magazines. Whether she is working in fiber, pastel, watercolor, or designing patterns, embroidery or fabric, it’s not about the medium, but her insatiable desire to create.

You can see her fabric, embroidery and patterns at and her fine art and fiber art at

1005O Color Me Quilts - Sunflowers and Roses
2003O Color Me Quilts - Chameleons
5071C Color Me Quilts - Sunflowers or Wild Roses

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