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Catherine Redford

Catherine Redford was born in England where she learnt to knit and sew as a young girl. After relocating from London to Naperville, Illinois, she learned to quilt and never looked back. She's an award-winning quilter, an active member of her local guilds, and a popular teacher at the local and national level. Catherine is a frequent magazine contributor and has enjoyed being a guest on Quilting Arts TV. She is enjoying the resurgence of interest in handwork with a new embroidery book published Fall 2020, and with two DVDs and a book on Modern Machine Quilting techniques, Catherine delights in finishing her own quilts on a domestic machine!

Find Catherine on her website: , on Facebook as CatherineRedford/Quilter or on Instagram, @catherineredford 

1015C Walking Foot Quilting 1- Beyond the Ditch
2014C Walking Foot Quilting 2 - Organic Curves and Super Spirals
3062C Introduction to Wool Appliqué - Pin Cushion
4061C Introduction to Folk Art Embroidery
6012C Walking Foot Quilting 3 - Beneath the Surface

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