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Debby Kratovil


I’ve been sewing since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and quilting since 1985 when I began to see quilts in newsstand magazines. I was salivating at the beauty and thought: “I can do that. I know how to sew.” I began sewing squares and triangles together for table runners and small wall quilts. I found a few quilt books in the library, but never followed the patterns. I just needed some inspiration.


In 1992 I found the AOL Quilting Bulletin Boards and replied to an ad from a quilt magazine editor to sew quilt tops to be featured in her magazines. Soon I was designing and making my own quilts, taking my cues from traditional patterns. She liked what I did and made me her Special Projects Editor, supplied me with bundles of new fabric and even paid for the longarm quilting. Can you say a match made in Quilter’s Heaven?


I learned early to “sew for the camera.” That meant it would pass the OK with the publisher and even get some of my quilts on the covers. Can you say 24 of them?


I’ve had close to 1,000 quilts and “how to” articles published in those 14 years; I’ve added 3 quilt books, 18 quilting Block a Day calendars, and almost 200 quilts and patterns designed and made for several fabric companies. I say often: “I’m only as good as the next quilt!” I’ve been a boots-on-the-ground quilt teacher for 17 years and I find that to be my favorite part of the industry. This way I get to create new designs to teach!


Visit my blog for lots of inspiration (and free patterns): You can find my teaching schedule, my workshop offerings and more fun designs to inspire you.

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