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Faculty Applicaton

We are so excited to be having our 2nd Road@Home event Road@Home May!

Please read through all of the information below before you submit your application as there are some important changes.

  1. Types of Events/Classes


    Road@Home Lectures are 60 minutes in length. These lectures are meant for the students to learn / be introduced to a quilting topic. These are no meant to be infomercials. Teachers who submit only lectures will be the last chosen for open spots, priority will be given to teachers who submit seminars/classes.

    Professional Development Seminars:
    Road@Home Professional Developement Seminars are 2 hours in length. These seminars are meant to teach students about becoming/being a professional in the Quilting Community today.  These seminars will be grouped together based on topic and placed in tracks for students.

    Technique Classes:
    Road@Home Technique Classes are 3 hours in length. We are looking for classes that teach a specfic technique that can be fit into a track our "Road Trips of Technique". This track would have 3 teachers teaching a different day a different technique of the same style. For example you could have 3 Art Quilt teachers one is teaching landscapes, the next portraits, and the last photo realism. All classes submitted here will also be considered as a standalone class.

    In this section there are classes that 3 hours in length. You can sumbit classes that are 6 hours in length, but we suggest classes that are shorter.

  2. Zoom Information

    For Road@Home May all teachers must have a Pro Zoom license and have taught previously using zoom. All teachers must be in the zoom room and interacting with students even if they are showing previously recorded videos.

  3. The Event in General

    Road@Home May was designed as a Homage to our company's roots as a quilting conference. While in January we had the sky as the limit we are taking a different approach to Road@Home May. Please note this means that there is no guarantee after applying that you have been chosen as a Road@Home May teacher even if you taught at the first Road@Home. Road Staff will reach out to you via email if you have been chosen as a teacher. Please make sure to check your spam regularly.

  4. Minimum Class Enrollment

    Road@Home will automatically cancel classes, events and tracks with less than 3 students enrolled. Due to the track nature of Road@Home faculty contracts will only have cancellation clauses for extreme family emergency. Please carefully review your contract when issued to familiarize yourself with Road@Home's terms and conditions.

Please Click Here to go to the Faculty Application.