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Road@Home Show Information

What Is Road@Home?

Road@Home is Road to California's first ever virtual quilting event. The event is designed to accompany our traditional in-person event for those who are unable to attend our in-person show in 2021. The event will feature both old time favorites and new activities to bring something to quilters everywhere. Road has always been the place for all quilters, but with Road@Home we can reach quilters all over the globe!

Will Road@Home have classes?

Yes! The Road@Home faculty is currently being set up. So far we are seeing one of the most diverse set of classes and events that we have ever been able to offer. Students will need to have a computer with a webcam (or tablet) and the zoom application. All classes, lectures and events will be held via zoom.

What Else Will Road@Home Feature?

Road@Home will feature lectures, panel discussions on all things quilting and Professional Development seminars.

What is a Professional Development Seminar?

A professional development seminar is for those individuals who are seeking a career within the quilting industry or for those who are already professionals trying to hone their craft. A first for Road, we are featuring events on Social Media, being an Author, Teacher, and so on. The individuals who are offering these seminars are seasoned professionals, personally vetted by Road Staff.