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Status of Road to California In Person Event

Last Updated September 18, 2020


  • Our In Person Quilt Contest for the 2021 show was cancelled. For more information, please see the Quilt Contest Information Page.

  • Hotel Information is not yet available. We are currently in the re-negotiation phase with the hotels due to the changes that COVID-19 has brought. Once this is finalized, we will let you know.

  • Currently we are awaiting guidance from the Ontario Convention Center (who is waiting on the State of California) on what reopening will look like.

  • Our classrooms and class capacities already meet the latest social distancing guidelines that we received from the State of California. As these change and are updated regularly we will continue to ensure they meet the requirements.

  • Road@Home events will be live-streamed to Ontario Convention Center for viewing. We will ticket these events separately then if you purchased it through the Road@Home portal. More Information is forthcoming.

  • Party Time will not be held in 2021 due to the nature of the event and the impossibility of offering a safe environment.

  • Evening events will be live streamed from the Road@Home evening events to large rooms at the DoubleTree Hotel and Ontario Convention Center. Although these events have not been announced yet, you will not want to miss them!

  • We will be having an October 1, 2020 status meeting with the Ontario Convention Center to determine the future of the In Person Event. Please expect an update shortly after that meeting on the current status of Road In Person.

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