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Class Schedule  Register Here

Class Information

Important Dates

General Registration April 1, 2021

Classroom Guidelines

To insure that everyone receives the best possible eperience from their time at Road, we have established the following common sense guidelines.

  • Classes are listed in Pacific Daylight Timezone, please plan accordingly. 

  • Cameras must be active and on during zoom classes.

  • One student per registration per camera. If you are caught with multiple people on the camera and a single registration you will be removed from the zoom class and you will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Please make sure your housemates and yourself are wearing appropriate attire for a zoom class. This means you should be dressed at the minimum like you're going to the grocery store.

  • Do not share the room number or password to anyone. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class. Only those individuals who have paid will be permitted to remain. We will be using the waiting room functionality. Your name must be the name listed on zoom.

  • Please keep your microphone muted unless you are asking a question.

  • Please plan to attend our zoom information session or read our zoom handouts that explain how to work zoom. You will use the CHAT function to communicate with your instructor during class.

  • Please come to class prepared with your fabric cut or other pre-class work.

  • Be on time. If you are late please try to catch up quietly, however do not expect the teacher to start over or reteach anything you missed. No refunds are given for late attendees.

  • Photography is abosolutely prohibited. 

  • Do not expect the teacher to teach something different - they are only teaching what is listed in the description of the class.

  • Students are not permitted to record zoom sessions. Doing so is a voilation of United States Copyright laws. You are also violating the privacy of your other students in class. If you are caught recording you will be asked to stop. If you continue you will be removed from the zoom room and not given a refund.
  • Students are encouraged to attend Zoom Informational sessions prior to Road@Home. No refunds are provided for student technical issues. We highly recommend that you have multiple devices (Computer, Tablet and Phone) and two seperate internet connections (home line and cellular) to ensure that if one drops you will still be able to be in class. Please note - no refunds are provided for student technical issues.


Skill Levels

Each class has a skill level. You know best what your skill level is. Please select a class according to your comfort level with the skills listed below.

All Levels - Assumes knowledge of basic sewing skills, basic rotary cutting skills and basic quilting skills, either appliqué or piecing.
Beginning level - Basic sewing skills with some rotary cutting skills. A working knowledge of sewing machine.
Intermediate level - Assumes not only knowledge of the basics, but also experience using those skills.
Advanced - Experienced Quilter that wants a challenge.

Supply Lists

To serve you better, we are using downloadable supply lists. These lists are exact lists supplied by the instructor, thereby avoiding typos and omissions when we re-type them for publication. Click on the link below the class description.

Kit Fees

Kit fees listed on the classes are to be paid to the teacher. You will also be charged shipping in addition to the kit fees. Classes that require a kit will conclude registration on May 7, 2021. Teachers are responsible for shipping kits to arrive to your prior to May 17, 2021. You are required to ensure timely payment to ensure shipping deadlines are met. If you do not provide payment. to the teacher in reasonable time (within 2 business days of January 4) Road will not provide refunds for the class and you will be required to pay expedited shipping fees. All kit fees unless otherwise stated are required. If you do not purchase a kit you cannot take the class are not elgible for a refund.

Registration Fee

The non-refundable registration fee of $10 is required for any class or professional development seminar purchase. This automatic $10 charge is added to the first registration per person. In order to not be charged multiple registration fees for a single individual pleaase make sure that when you add classes you add them to the same account. If you create a new account to add another class you will be charged an additional $10 registration fee.

The fee is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances

Will I get my confirmation via USPS?

 No, email confirmations are sent to all registrants automatically after registering. Please check your spam box.

Class Transfer Policy

You may transfer classes unitl May 7, 2021. Any class transfers will incur a $5 change fee. A $5 change fee will also apply when an attendees executes a cancellation and simultaneously registers for a new class. At least one week must pass between the cancellation and addition of a new class in order to not incur a $5 change fee. 

If you are transferring to a calss that has a higher fee than the original class, you are responsible for the difference in price including the $5 change fee. 

If you are transferring to a class that has a lower fee than the original class - Road will subtract the $5 change fee from the amount owed and refund the difference to the original payment method.

Your original registration date (the earliest on file) is the date for cancellation, not the date of additional classes or transfers.

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your registration, we have a percentage based refund policy. Your cancellation date is determined based on the earliest date that the class registration is processed. If you transfer a class, the earliest date of transaction, not the transfer date, is the date we will apply.

Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Cancellations received BEFORE the refund date.

7 Days of Registering Prior to May 7, 2021 - 100%

PRIOR TO May 7, 2020 - 50%

Cancellations received on May 7, 2021 and beyond are non-refundable. 

Due to our various contractual obligations we are unable to make any exceptions from the above cancellation policies. Please set a reminder for yourself on the cancellation dates.

All cancellations must be made in writing. Notification may be made by email at

Cancellation Policy subject to change without notice. Cancellation situations not directly addressed by our cancellation policy are bound to the decisions made by Road to California Staff and Management.