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Jenny K. Lyon


Hi there, I'm Jenny K. Lyon and I'm teaching Free Motion Fills at Road@Home as well as presenting my most popular lecture - "Quilting is a Contact Sport!".

I'm excited about teaching at Road! I've always had a schedule conflict in previous years, so this is my chance. I have been successfully teaching and lecturing online since August, making believers out of those who have said that you can't effectively teach free motion quilting online.

I am offering 2 free motion fills classes, 3 hours each. You can take a gander at my class samples here. I’ve got fills for you that will jump right onto your quilts – fills, borders, dividers and easy variants. We start with basic shapes and build a variety of designs that you’ll find useful on your real-life quilts.

I use videos to give you a clear, crisp view of my stitching, literally as though your eyes were mine. I will draw each design for you with simple explanations of how to quilt them and I’ll show examples of each in action on quilts of my own.

Free motion quilting is so much more fun when you have a variety of designs to choose from and your quilt becomes more personal. I’m excited to offer these classes at Road! Long arm, mid-arm or domestic, all are welcome.

And I hope you’ll join me for an hour of heart-warming and entertaining fun. My lecture focuses on the relationships we build as quilters and how we really do have a lot in common with athletes! Did you know quilting can be aerobic and we can get sports injuries? I’ll also share some of my best award-winning quilts and garments and the stories behind them – I never did figure out how to keep it simple.

I send a weekly newsletter that has a devoted following, you can sign-up here if you'd like. You'll be glad to know that it's not all about me; I include interesting articles about art, quilting and all kinds of interesting things. 

I look forward to seeing you! 

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