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Our quilt contest has been the corner stone of Road to California since its introduction in 1996. The contest has grown since and is one of the premier quilting contests in the United States. It truly is an honor to have a quilt shown at Road and is something we take very seriously.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much in our lives and we are Road are no exception. We have noticed as time has passed our smaller vendors and sponsors are having a very difficult time in the pandemic. Most of their incomes are from sales at shows and there has not eben a major quilting event since very early 2020.

That being said, our contest relies on those smaller sponsors for their support. At this time we cannot ask them to pay thier sponsorships knowing what they have been through this year. Therefore, we will not be holding a quilt contest at our 2021 show.


Road to California Quilt Contest

The Road to California Quilters’ Showcase competition is one of the largest and most competitive quilters contests both domestically and internationally. Our yearly competition receives over 500 entries from both the United States and multiple other countries and best of show winners have been seen in many other national and international shows.

Please review our rules on the entry form to ensure a complete understanding of what category to enter and what the requirements are to enter. If you have any questions, please email us.