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Martelli Enterprises, Inc.


The Martelli motto is The Right Tool The Right Way. Our objective is not just to make sewing and quilting tools fun and easy to use, but also to make those tools accurate and ergonomic. We live in an age when quilting is more than just the restoring of your grandmother’s quilt which kept loved ones warm and cozy on cold nights. These quilts were made with lots of love, but they were still made to be practical (often from old scraps of family members’ well-worn clothes).
Today quilting is both an art form and practical. Quilts make a statement, tell a story, and exhibit creativity. What matters today is the time spent picking out the right fabrics, deciding on a great design, and making sure the quilt is created with precision and accuracy. The most important objective of Martelli is to create innovative tools that utilize the most ergonomic design possible. We want people to quilt without experiencing the usual aches and pains of quilting. For this reason, developing new tools that help prevent medical conditions of the past has been one of our major concerns.
When Martelli goes to the drawing board to develop a new tool, we always want to be certain the tool is ergonomically designed. This approach to tool design ultimately helps quilters projects become reality. We want Martelli tools to be user-friendly yet still give amazing results. Of course, inaccurate tools are useless to quilters, so we make sure our tools help them achieve the highest levels of accuracy. This perspective is at the very core of what moves Martelli forward when creating quilting tools for the 21st Century quilter.We appreciate all our customers who have used our tools, and we thank you for your encouragement and support!

Categories: Frames & Equipment,Notion & Tools,Other,Quilt-Related Gifts

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